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Recipe: Grain Free Blueberry Plantain Breakfast Bars (Paleo, Nut Free) post image

Fresh organic blueberries are out of season now, but you can use frozen organic blueberries for this recipe and that is what I recommend. Frozen organic blueberries are much cheaper than fresh and perfect for baking! I love using plantains in baking, because they provide… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Continuous Kombucha post image

When I first started making kombucha I started small, with this Basic Kombucha recipe. However, I quickly realized I needed more kombucha, more frequently and wanted to try the continuous method, which is so much easier! Since we are only 2 people in the house… Click to Continue →

Why I Went Grain Free and 5 Reasons to Quit Grains post image

Early in my practice I realized that supplements alone would not help people with serious chronic conditions like diabetes, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, cancer, etc. These problems have to be evaluated from many angles, with the basic building blocks (or rebuilding blocks I should say) residing… Click to Continue →

The Microbiome Revolution post image

It has been said that the number of microbial cells outnumber our human cells by a factor of 10 to 1. However, that ratio has recently been exposed as an incorrectly calculated figure. The real ratio is probably closer to 1.3 to 1 microbes to… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Kohlrabi Soup (Paleo, GAPS, AIP) post image

Have you seen kohlrabi in the market? It is a root vegetable that looks like a cross between a martian and a turnip. I was able to source organic kohlrabi at the Farmer's Market this weekend and thought I would put it in soup! Kohlrabi… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Chocolate Squash Mini Cupcakes (Paleo, GAPS) post image

It takes just one rainy day and I start to get that craving for winter squash. This time I cooked an acorn squash and used it to bake these cute little mini cupcakes for a treat! When baking with coconut flour, you always need something… Click to Continue →

Recipe: 3 Ingredient Tomato Sauce in 12 Minutes! post image

If you have a home garden you must have an abundance of tomatoes coming in now – as I do. Although I love to eat them raw, I had so many I had to cook some of them. I quickly whipped up this amazing tomato… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Grain Free Breakfast Oatmeal (SCD, GAPS, Paleo, AIP Option) post image

Many moons ago, before we started the SCD, oatmeal was the daily breakfast. How difficult it was to give that up! Now, after years of eating eggs for breakfast, we are ready for some variety. This Grain Free Breakfast Oatmeal recipe has the taste and… Click to Continue →

10 Essential Oils for Better Sleep post image

Because of my chemical sensitivities, I have been very reluctant in trying to use essential oils. However, I have since done quite a bit of research and importantly, have tried several different oils. Amazingly I have found that, not only can I tolerate some of… Click to Continue →

Insomnia? Hack Your Sleep Issues! post image

Much has been written about the 4 pillars of health: Sleep; Nutrition; Exercise and Stress Mitigation. The emphasis is usually on nutrition – however, some practitioners believe that sleep is the single most important hack for optimum health. The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies shift… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Coconut Mango Pudding (Paleo, AIP, SCD, GAPS) post image

I developed this recipe serrendipitously when I accidently left a shake in the refrigerator overnight. I was excited to see how thick and creamy it became. Soon, I stopped making a daily shake, and started to make this type of pudding in quantity for the… Click to Continue →

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) for Autoimmunity post image

Low dose naltrexone (LDN) is an emerging therapy for autoimmunity that is safe and cheap, but many doctors will not prescribe it for this off label use. If you have an autoimmune disorder, you know that the conventional medical treatments are seriously dangerous. They generally… Click to Continue →

You Are a Superorganism – How to Nourish this Microbial Self post image

Non-communicable diseases (chronic inflammatory illnesses) are the foremost health issue facing the population today. Allergies, asthma, autoimmunity and autism are the new epidemics. However, we can prevent these overwhelming issues from infancy and and treat them in adulthood. A new book written by Dr. Rodney… Click to Continue →

Flash Sale of my Updated Kindle Book – Grain Free Paleo Breads – 99 Cents Today! post image

Check out my recently updated, Grain Free Paleo Breads 2nd edition here. Hurry! This flash sale is only today – Tuesday, July 19, for 99 cents. You don't need a Kindle to read it! It's been reformatted and updated with 4 new recipes! Have you… Click to Continue →

Recipe: String Bean Salad with Lemon and Fresh Herb Dressing post image

Suddenly my string beans are coming in with a vengeance! I love to pick them when they are still thin and tender. Lightly steam and toss with a flavorful citrus dressing and you are good to go! Technically, string beans are in the legume family… Click to Continue →