Mercury Amalgam Fillings: What Dr. Oz Did NOT Tell You

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Apr 07
Mercury Amalgam Fillings: What Dr. Oz Did NOT Tell You, silver fillings

Dr. Oz enlightened his audience about the dangers of mercury amalgam fillings – how they continuously out-gas mercury vapors. However, there are some critical issues about mercury amalgam fillings that he did not address. Here is what Dr. Oz did not tell you.

He demonstrated how mercury amalgam fillings release mercury vapors from simple everyday activities such as eating and brushing one’s teeth.

These vapors are extremely toxic and can cause many neurological symptoms.

This show was probably revelatory to millions of people who did not know the dangers of having mercury amalgam fillings in their mouth.

However, Dr. Oz left out critical information regarding how to get the amalgams removed properly.

I’ll tell you how I had it done.

If you have mercury amalgam fillings you need to read this.

Mercury Amalgam Fillings are Extremely Toxic

In spite of the fact that mercury is one of the most toxic substances on this earth, 47% of dentists in this country are still using mercury amalgam restorations in teeth.

Amalgam fillings are made of four metals: silver, copper, tin and mercury binds them all together. They have been used for more than 150 years and it is in the past 25 years that the problems with mercury amalgams have come to light.

Symptoms associated with mercury toxicity include fatigue, migraine, tremors, inability to concentrate, memory loss, mood swings, anxiety, immune suppression and autoimmune disorders, significant skin problems, seizures, and other neurological problems.

World Health Organization Declared Mercury Amalgam Fillings Greatest Source of Mercury Pollution

In 1991, the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed that mercury contained in dental amalgam is the greatest source of mercury vapor in non-industrialized settings. The exposure from dental amalgams is significantly greater than the levels set for mercury in food and  air.

The WHO also confirmed that mercury contained in dental amalgam and in laboratory and medical devices accounts for about 53% of total mercury emissions. Additionally, they said that one-third of the mercury in the sewage system comes from dental amalgam that is flushed down the drain.

Mercury is toxic to people as well as to the environment.

Plenty of Evidence that Mercury Amalgam Fillings are Toxic

A 2003 monograph on mercury toxicity from the World Health Organization (WHO) concluded that studies on humans and animals demonstrated that dental amalgam contributes significantly to mercury body burden in humans with amalgam fillings, and dental amalgam is the most common form of exposure to elemental mercury in the general population.

On July 28, 2009, FDA issued a final rule that: (1) reclassified mercury from a Class I (least risk) device to class II (more risk) device; (2) classified dental amalgam as a class II device; and (3) designated a special controls guidance document for dental amalgam.

This study investigated the relationship between a positive patch test for mercury and sources of mercury exposure, indicated by concentrations in biological samples from healthy medical students. They found that there was increased exposure with mercury amalgams.

 American Dental Association Will Never Admit to Mercury Amalgam Toxicity

The official position of The American Dental Association (ADA) is that dental amalgams are considered to be safe, affordable and durable materials that have been used in more that 100 million Americans and has an established a record of effectiveness.

There is only one dental school in this country that is phasing out amalgams and that is NYU Dental School in New York City.

Yeah NYU!

According to the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) while still denying that mercury amalgam is bad for the health of patients, doctors and staff, NYU Dental School cites environmental reasons to discontinue use of mercury fillings.

That is certainly a step forward. NYU is always in the forefront of an issue.

How Is Mercury Released in Your Mouth?

If you have mercury amalgam fillings in your mouth, mercury is released when you eat, drink and brush your teeth.

Additionally, amalgams start to wear out due to chewing, grinding teeth, drinking soda (lowers PH) and eating other acidic foods.  With all this chemical and mechanical action going on in the mouth, toxic vapors are released.

My Story

I have not gotten a cavity in many years but I did have 5 amalgam fillings in my mouth from when I was 15 years old and chewed Bazooka Bubble Gum. That was a mistake. But, there you have it – I was 15 and did not see the consequences clearly.

Over the years I have read a lot about the toxicity of mercury fillings and I was educated many times over in nutrition conferences about how to properly remove the fillings.

You just can’t go to your conventional dentist and have them taken out without any precautions. If you do – that will expose you to ALOT of mercury vapor while the dentist drills out the mercury amalgam. It also exposes the dentist to the vapors and any assistants in the room as well.

Not a good thing.

At the Summit, Dr. Hal Huggins (he is now deceased) gave a lecture that reviewed the protocol as he teaches it. I learned many critical details about removal protocol that I did not know about previously.

Grill your dentist with questions about his/her procedure before you get it done to insure you are having it properly done.

What Dr. Oz Did NOT Tell You – The Proper Way To Have Mercury Amalgams Removed

The following is the proper procedure your dentist should use to prevent as much as possible exposure to the mercury vapors as the amalgams are drilled out. This requires special training and special equipment.

These procedure will be more expensive than if your conventional dentist replaces amalgam with composite but does not use any protective measures. This is not the time to skimp or go with the cheapest estimate.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to use a biologically trained dentist that has all the know how and the equipment to remove amalgams safely.

If you are having mercury amalgams removed it is probably because you have a health problem or are worried about the long term effects of exposure to mercury vapor. You certainly do not want to create more problems from having them removed improperly.

Methods To Reduce Mercury Vapor Exposure To Both Patient and Operators During Amalgam Removal – IAOMT ApprovedShaded eye protection for patient. Full transparent facial protection for operators.

  1. Provide alternate source of air (oxygen) to patient via nasal mask and operators via non-rebreather.
  2. Use new long shank carbide cutting burs and section amalgams, attempting to remove in large sections.
  3. Use copious amounts of water spray via air water syringe directed on tip of cutting bur.
  4. Use ‘surround’ type high volume suction tip. “Clean-up”
  5. Consider appropriate ventilation systems and room air purifiers to reduce ambient mercury vapor.
  6. Consider appropriate suction waste water separation system.
  7. Consider appropriate nutritional and physical support preoperatively (eg. homeopathy, acupressure and massage therapy)
  8. Select appropriate biocompatible restorative materials via specific testing systems (eg. serum compatibility or skin galvanic response tests) or published research.

Additionally, your dentist should also test the amalgam teeth with the RITA meter to test the energetic charge in the teeth in order to determine which side would be removed first.

Furthermore, some dentists have the patient rinse thoroughly with charcoal in water (ugh!) before and after the procedure to help bind up any metal.

Lastly, your dentist may instruct the patient on a supplement protocol that should be started weeks before the procedure and to continue for weeks afterwards. These supplements help to bind up metals and remove them safely from the body as well as offer strong anti-oxidant protection.


I, personally, feel much better now that I am mercury free! I recently had this work done and I will be anticipating other positive changes to my health – especially after I get the one root canal tooth in my mouth removed.

I’m not the only one. This study published in The Journal of Oral Rehabilitation found significant reductions in health complaints from patients who had their amalgams removed. There are many people who find that removing amalgams improves their health.

If You Have Mercury Amalgams, Here is How To Protect Yourself from Mercury Amalgam Vapors

1- Avoid acidic foods that will leach out the mercury – tomato, grapefruit, coffee, vinegars.
2- Use garlic and cilantro – garlic purifies the blood and eliminated mercury through the kidneys —  cilantro also purifies blood and binds heavy metals in the body.
3- Use Chlorella supplements (broken cell) – Chlorella are fresh water algae and helps eliminate mercury through the intestines.

Do you or a loved one have mercury amalgams in your mouth? Do you think they may be affecting your health? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Mercury Amalgam Fillings: What Dr. Oz Did NOT Tell You, silver fillings








Mercury Amalgam Fillings: What Dr. Oz Did NOT Tell You. Dr. Oz left out some critical information about mercury amalgam fillings.

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