Recipe: Collagen Rich Beet Brownies (Paleo, GAPS, Nut Free)


Jan 31
Collagen Rich Beetroot Brownies, brownies, beets, collagen, beet brownies

Are you a chocolate lover? And do you love simple, healthy treats? These deliciously moist, collagen rich beet brownies (Paleo, GAPS and nut free), will knock  your socks off!

I promise, you don’t even taste beets – well maybe a teeny, tiny bit.

But if you love beets like me (my hand shoots up), you won’t mind that at all. This recipe for collagen rich beet brownies calls for simple ingredients that you already have in your pantry.

You can steam the beets, buy the already cooked organic beets or roast them – whatever makes it easier. I always have cooked beets on hand to throw into salads so I use those.

Nutrition in Beetroot

Cooked beets are high in Vitamin A and folate with a little choline as well. Beets are loaded with potassium and there is also calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and sodium. The color of red/purple beetroot is due to a variety of betalain pigments. The composition of different betalain pigments can vary, giving breeds of beetroot which are yellow or other colors in addition to the familiar deep red.

For this recipe I would use the deep red beets.

These pigments are also powerful antioxidants.

Beetroot or garden beets are different than sugar beets. Sugar beets are a commodity crop used to make sugar and unfortunately some of that crop is now genetically modified. Just to be sure, I recommend only organic beets.

Beets are used traditionally in Jewish culture as a soup called borscht. I remember my mother eating this with a dollop of sour cream.

Beet kvass is a fermented beet drink which I love, full of nutrition and very cleansing to the liver. However, beets are high in oxalates which may cause problems for people who form oxalate kidney stones and for those who are sensitive to oxalates in general.

Find my recipe for Beet Kvass here. Beet Kvass is a cultured super tonic for the blood.

Most people find that the red color of beets are passed through to the urine and stools – easily mistaken for blood! Just remember that you ate beets the day before!

Beets are Root Vegetables

Root vegetables include beet (my favorite), yam, sweet potato, horseradish, parsnip, celeriac, Daikon radish and other radishes, carrot, turnip, rutabaga, jicama and yucca – just to name a few. They provide deep nutrition if they are grown in good, mineral rich soil.

I would advise that any root vegetable you eat be organic. When they are organically grown, the soil is teaming with bacteria, full of available minerals and free of the most toxic chemical on the earth  – glyphosate.

Roots accumulate a high concentration of antioxidants as well as vitamins C, B complex, A, and iron. They are complex carbohydrates and have a good amount of fiber. They are a great substitute for starchier potatoes, which are in the nightshade family and can cause inflammation in certain people.

For folks who are on grain-free diets, root vegetables are a great source of carbohydrate and fiber.

While most roots are in season fall through spring, they are typically available all year round these days. Make sure they are hard. Soft root vegetables are on the way out and not fresh. If they come with leaves (like bunches of beets) make sure the leaves are fresh looking and strong.

Find my recipe for Beet Greens here. Beet greens are a superfood.

It’s best to store roots in a paper bag in the refrigerator. I find that plastic creates moisture and this can cause them to soften prematurely. If you have a root cellar even better!

While some root vegetable may be eaten raw, such as carrots, jicama and even kohlrabi shaved into a salad, I enjoy most of them cooked.

 brownies, beets, collagen, beet brownies


Recipe: Collagen Rich Beet Brownies (Paleo, GAPS, Nut Free)

Collagen Rich Beetroot Brownies, brownies, beets, collagen, beet brownies

Yummy moist and healthy beetroot brownies!

  • Author: Dr. Jill
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 50 minutes
  • Total Time: 1 hour
  • Yield: About 50 bitesized brownies 1x



  1. Preheat the oven to 325º F and prepare your 9 x 13 pan with greased (coconut oil) parchment paper
  2. In a food processor add the steamed beets and process until smooth
  3. Add the eggs, coconut oil, honey, vanilla and stevia and mix well
  4. Add the coconut flour, collagen peptides, cacao powder, baking soda and salt and process until smooth and well mixed
  5. In a separate bowl add the batter and the chocolate chips if you are using them
  6. Bake for 40 minutes and check it – it should be starting to firm up – cover with an oven proof cover for the next 10 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean
  7. Let cool in the pan completely before cutting the squares
  8. These are good in the refrigerator for a week and much longer in the freezer

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brownies, beets, collagen, beet brownies

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