5 Reasons Most Gluten-Free Products are NOT Healthy

5 Reasons Most Gluten-Free Products are NOT Healthy post image

Have you been diagnosed with Celiac or gluten intolerance? Or, are you like me and just from experience, know that you don’t tolerate gluten, grains, and/or wheat products? Usually, people feel more comfortable with going gluten-free as a first step.

These days, it’s easier then a few years ago because gluten-free is now a multi-million dollar market. There are many products out there that claim to be gluten-free, but are they healthy?

Most Gluten-Free Products are Not Properly Prepared

Let’s start with gluten-free grains, such as quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, corn, rice, and millet. Many commercial products are made of combinations of these grains. Sadly, modern commerce has eliminated a critical step in the processing of all grains.

Grains are just like legumes, beans and nuts — they all have anti-nutrients in them, such as enzyme inhibitors, lectins and phytates. These substances protect the grain, but at the same time they make them very hard to digest. Therefore, they become irritating to the digestive tract when they are not properly prepared by soaking, sprouting or sourdough fermentation.

Have you ever seen a commercially prepared gluten-free product that has been soaked, sprouted or sourdough fermented? I haven’t — and I don’t think it exists.

This issue is a MAJOR reason to avoid commercially prepared gluten-free products (and commercially prepared grain products). Trying to replace gluten grains with gluten-free products will alleviate the immunological problem with gluten, but it will continue to be taxing on a digestive system that is already compromised.

Most Gluten-Free Products are Essentially Empty Calories

Have you read the ingredient list of some of the gluten-free products on the market? They portray a long line of gluten free processed starches that are devoid of any nutrition. It’s just like eating a gluten-free version of pasta — in my opinion, pasta is simply a way to fill up with little to no nutrition.

These gluten-free products are essentially the same thing but actually worse.

Most Gluten-Free Products Have Toxic Additives

Have you seen those ingredient labels? They read like any other commercial processed product. There may be lecithin, guar gum (polysaccharide thickener), ammonium bicarbonate (leavening agent), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), mono and di-glycerides (emulsifier from GM soybeans) as well as dextrose (sugar), modified corn starch (thickener and may not be gluten-free) and natural flavors.

We all know that natural flavors should be avoided as they are hardly natural and can be made up of any number of chemicals to flavor the product, including MSG.

Do you really want to be feeding these substances to your family on a daily basis? It is especially concerning if there is someone that has a digestive problem and may have a damaged gut.

Most Gluten-Free Products are Made of Other Starches That are Hard on the Digestive Tract

If you read the label it will have a list of other starches such as, rice, corn, potato and maybe other non-gluten grains.  Again where applicable, these will not have been properly prepared and it just amounts to more starchy foods that are hard to digest.

The concept behind the SCD and GAPS diets should be kept in mind when dealing with digestive disorders — MUST be kept in mind when dealing with Celiac and/or gluten intolerance and other serious disorders.

A person with an unhealthy digestive tract (dysbiosis) will have trouble digesting certain foods. Of the three macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats), carbohydrates are actually the hardest to digest. Carbohydrates are also the main food for the intestinal flora. When they are not digested properly, they stay in the intestines and become food for the pathogenic bacteria and yeast. These pathogens can then proliferate and overpower the numbers of beneficial bacteria and yeast in the gut. When this happens, a vicious cycle begins.

Undigested carbohydrates  become food for pathogens, and these pathogens multiply and take a strong residence in the gut. These pathogens give off toxic acidic byproducts which can damage the delicate lining of the intestinal tract which can eventually develop into a disease process. If the carbohydrates are continuously eaten, it drives the cycle, and the symptoms as well as the intestinal damage gets worse and worse.

When there is a digestive disorder, it is important to follow a low starch, grain-free diet.

Most Commercial Gluten-Free Products are Made With GMO’s

The most obvious culprit is corn. Almost 100% of the corn in this country is now genetically modified. Sadly, it is in many many gluten-free products as well as wheat products. Unless it is certified organic I will not touch corn. Sad but true — however, most people are still consuming it as a corn product or as an ingredient in other products — many are hidden.

Potatoes are under attack and will be the next genetically modified product coming along. Wheat has already been experimented on.

Forget about soy. The soy crop in this country is also almost 100% genetically modified and it is in everything. I would not touch soy with a ten foot pole.

The Solution

You need to go beyond gluten-free, you need to go grain-free. A grain-free diet has been used to improve many conditions — including diabetes, digestive conditions, heart disease and dementia. You can be assured that there will be no gluten if you follow a grain free diet. For many, gluten free is just not enough to heal.

As illustrated above, most gluten-free products are filled with empty calories, no nutrition, toxic additives and genetically engineered ingredients.

When you make something at home from simple, healthy, real food ingredients, sourced from reputable manufactuers, you can be assured that nothing else is in it and that it is of the highest quality.

I know you want to feed your family the very best. It’s easy, once you get the hang of it!

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  • Andrea October 22, 2013, 1:09 pm

    I totally agree about non-gluten products that almost all contain GMOs and are rarely organic. You wrote “Have you ever seen a commercially prepared gluten-free product that has been soaked, sprouted or sourdough fermented? I haven’t— and I don’t think it exists.” I haven’t either, but actually there is a company that does organic sprouted flours, including out quinoa, garbanzo beans, amaranth, etc. Check out To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co. http://www.organicsproutedflour.net/sproutedflour.html. I have enjoyed their sprouted spelt flour in the past and was about to try their all organic sprouted non-gluten non-grain flours. I know at least one professional baker that uses them with success.

    • Jill October 22, 2013, 3:55 pm

      HI Andrea,
      Thanks for the link. I do know about them — great company. I didn’t know they also had non gluten grains.

  • vin October 29, 2013, 2:48 am

    Excellent blog! You have a very informative site here. Thanks for shedding light on these so called gluten free products. The tips you provided will come in very handy. abb workouts

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