New Flu Vaccine Targets Seniors with a Powerful (and Toxic) Adjuvant

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Feb 17

This season a new influenza vaccine was approved by the FDA that is targeted to those aged 65 and over. It was formulated to provoke a stronger immune response in the elderly, by adding an adjuvant called squalene oil.

Although squalene is a naturally occurring substance in humans, used in this way, it becomes a powerful toxicant.

The Adjuvant Effect

The use of adjuvants in vaccines in order to enhance the immune response is commonly practiced by manufacturers. According to Yehuda Shoenfeld, MD,

Formerly, adjuvants were thought to pose little or no independent threat. Alas, studies of animal models and humans demonstrated the ability of some of them to inflict autoimmunity and immune-mediated diseases by themselves. One of the most studied adjuvants in this context is pristane. This adjuvant was found to be capable of inducing an autoimmune disease like systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) in a murine model…  The adjuvant squalene, can also induce arthritis in rats and the production of SLE (Lupus) associated autoantibodies in mice. Source (my emphasis)

The medical establishment encourages seniors to get their flu vaccine because their immune systems have weakened with age and their antibody response to a vaccine typically is weaker than that of younger people, leaving them less protected against the influenza.

However, for the same reasons, they are more susceptible to the unwanted toxic effects of the adjuvants in the vaccines.

Here’s the scary part:

Because the new vaccine was approved under an accelerated review process, the manufacturer must conduct a postmarket study to verify and describe the clinical benefit of its product. (source) (my emphasis)

Well, that is like asking the fox to guard the hen house. What do you think the manufacturer will find? Manufacturers typically use a control group that also receives the adjuvant in vaccines (yes, the very adjuvant they are supposed to be studying) so that any reactions to the adjuvant are not recorded.

Additionally they do not do long term studies. According to Medscape the safety of Fluad was studied twice.

In one study, approximately 27,000 adults aged 65 years or older received the vaccine. The most common adverse events were injection site reaction, muscle aches, fatigue, and headache. No further safety signal was seen.

In a second study, immunogenicity of Fluad was compared with that of another trivalent influenza vaccine, Agriflu (Novartis), in approximately 7000 adults aged 65 years or older. The antibody responses were similar among the two groups. (source)

However, Fluad was approved in an accelerated review process, which allows the FDA to approve products for serious or life-threatening diseases based on evidence that the product has an effect on an outcome that is reasonably likely to predict clinical benefit. In the case of Fluad, the second study that showed a similar antibody response to the vaccine as compared with another vaccine provided this evidence.

Best Defense is an Offense

Your best defense is to stay informed about the risks vs. the benefits of these shots and be prepared when you bring a family member to the doctor.  They will automatically set you up for shots. You are the patient and you can make the decisions for yourself or an elderly parent and not rely on a set schedule that pharmaceutical companies and bureaucrats have dreamed up.

Improve Your Immunity

Eliminate packaged and processed foods and make simple meals from real food. Avoid the center aisles in the market and walk the perimeter to buy fresh produce, meats and fish.

Get plenty of sunlight, even in the winter to boost vitamin D levels – or take a vitamin D supplement.

Take cod liver oil which has both vitamins A and D. These vitamins are critical for good immunity.

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