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Feb 04

What with all this hoopla over a few cases of measles, you can be sure health officials are going to be going over vaccine schedules with a fine tooth comb. Parents are opting out of vaccinating their kids, who have been the primary target group for Big Pharma. The next group of subjects are adults and the elderly.

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) updates the adult immunization schedule every year. This year’s adult schedule has only one new recommendation from last year’s schedule. The new schedule changes pneumococcal vaccination recommendations for seniors.

According to a recently released adult vaccine schedule, there are many ways to reach out into the adult community for business in the following ways:

Influenza vaccine – The recommendation is that everyone 6 months or older needs flu vaccination every year. They love to target pregnant women and are saying that pregnant women and patients with mild (hives only) egg allergy should be given the flu shot, but not the live attenuated nasal flu vaccine (LAIV). If there are allergies to eggs, an alternative is the recombinant influenza vaccine (RIV; Flublok®) which contains no egg protein and is an option for adults of all ages with egg allergy of any severity.

As stated by the CDC vaccines also often contain ingredients such as aluminum, phenol, antibiotics, egg protein, MSG and formaldehyde in small amounts. Do you think this is a good idea very year?

There is also a lot of fine print involving cautions that are usually not indicated to patients. The fact that aluminum is used as an adjuvant in the shot is not disclosed to patients and pregnant women! Imagine giving a shot of toxic metal to an unborn child and then giving it every year! No wonder our kids are so sick!

Some hospital workers have lost their jobs over the flu vaccine!

We know that aluminum is implicated in many autoimmune and neurologic disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, yet no one seems to be connecting the dots. The rising epidemic of Alzheimer’s disease coincides with the use of the aluminum laden flu vaccine that is given every year. Do seniors really need a shot of aluminum every year – ironically in a shot that doesn’t even prevent the flu? Does anyone? Every year?

Pneumococcal vaccine – This vaccine actually has 3 different vaccines and they all have recommendations. The new schedule has an explanatory “mega-footnote” for pneumococcal vaccination, with a new format that focuses on specific recommendations based on patient age and medical conditions rather than the individual pneumococcal vaccine. This is generally for the 50 and over crowd unless there is an immuno-compromising condition.

Pertussis vaccine – The recommendation is that all adults need a one-time Tdap booster. They also recommend that pregnant women should receive a Tdap booster in each and every pregnancy, preferably in the late third trimester, between 27 and 36 weeks.

The pertussis vaccine is a known neurotoxin. Do they actually know what the consequences are to the developing child? I think not, especially since safety studies are left up to the pharmaceutical company that is manufacturing the shot. (Who is also released from any liability).

This booster is a new recommendation in light of the cases of whooping cough that have emerged in spite of many doses of the vaccine given to youngsters.

Additionally, there is no longer a single tetanus shot for those who may choose to get a booster if there is a deep injury. When you go to the hospital with a deep cut, for instance, you will get the Tdap whether you like it or not.

HPV vaccine – Three doses of HPV vaccine are recommended for all females age 11-26 and for all males age 11-21. HPV vaccination is also recommended for all males age 22-26 who have sex with other men, and for immunocompromised males age 22-26, including those with HIV.

The HPV vacine has been implicated in severe neurological damage to adults and teens and even death. It wasnt enough to force it on girls. Now, to get better market share, they are trying to force it on boys and men.

Herpes zoster vaccine – The risk for shingles increases with age. Zoster vaccine is a live virus vaccine and is recommended for adults 60 and older, as long as they are not pregnant or severely immunocompromised. The ACIP recommendation says to vaccinate at age 60 or older, even though FDA licensing begins at age 50.

It’s not enough to get all the preschoolers vaccinated against a mild childhood illness that can actually encourage development of the immune system, now they are targeting adults with scary adds on TV.

Measles and mumps vaccine – The recent outbreak of measles has ignited a veritable war against folks who choose to avoid vaccinations. The recommendations are that adults born after 1957 should have documentation of one or more doses of MMR vaccine. Unvaccinated healthcare workers born before 1957 who lack laboratory evidence of immunity need two doses of MMR (at least 28 days apart) for measles and mumps or one dose of MMR for rubella.

They further recommend that rubella immunity should be determined for all women of childbearing potential, and if not immune and not pregnant, these women should be vaccinated. Rubella can be very serious during pregnancy so this is something women of childbearing age should research and think about and make their own decision.

The irony is that some folks would vaccinate for these diseases if there were single shots. Aside from the known toxicity of the MMR, it is the combination of all 3 shots that concern some people. There is no reason that they cannot manufacture the shots separately.

Meningococcal vaccine – Meningococcal vaccination recommendations have not changed. This is targeted for students at college. Your child will not be allowed into a college without this vaccine unless your state allows exemptions.

Hepatitis A vaccine – Hepatitis A vaccination is used in patients with chronic liver disease, those with close contact with an international adoptee, and for many international travelers. They love to recommend it when you are going to be traveling.

Hepatitis B vaccine – Hepatitis B vaccination is recommended for all diabetics 59 and younger and for older diabetics at the discretion of the treating clinician. Hepatitis B vaccination is also recommended for anyone who has had more than one sex partner during the past 6 months.

Sometimes it is not the vaccine itself, it is the adjuvants and other additives in the vaccine that make it so dangerous. There is a newly named condition called ASIA (Autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants), that has been identified to be iatrogenically induced from vaccines.

Vaccines are a known trigger for autoimmunity – but there is NEW research on who may be at risk. If there could be a standardized protocol for determining if a child (or adult) is ready and can handle a vaccine it would make us all a lot healthier!

Get as much information as you can before you vax. The National Vaccine Information Center is a good place to start.

I was so disgusted with the show I didn’t watch the ending. I’m sure the program was followed by an ad for a medication.




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