July 2011

Three simple ingredients can make a delicious and nutritious treat. I was imagining a homemade version of the Lara bar and I came up with the following recipe. This is appropriate for people who are in the middle stages of SCD or GAPS, as nut butters (and dates) are somewhat advanced foods. Add a little honey, refrigerate and there it is! Wow! These are great for kids and adults as a snack and a great pick me up.

Each year the Weston Price Foundation hosts a conference in mid November. This year it is being held in Dallas, Texas November 11 - 13. This conference surpasses any nutrition conference I have ever attended. The multitude of lectures gives one so many choices it is hard to decide. But the best part is the food! Sally (and the cooks) feeds you traditional meals from real farm food cooked in the traditional way.

Changing The Sad American Diet (SAD) post image

In an op ed, written by Marc Bittman for the Sunday New York Times this week, he elaborates on the value of taxing unhealthy foods -- particularly sugary drinks. While I agree with him that these are certainly unhealthy and contribute to the epidemics of obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes in this country, I disagree with some of his dietary recommendations and would expand upon his proposed solutions.

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Have Some Chemicals With Your Milk

The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry recently reported that researchers at the universities of Jaen and Cordoba in Spain and the Abdelmalek Essaadi University in Morocco have identified a multitude of drugs and chemicals in cow, goat and human breast milk. All of the samples contained traces of 20 different antibiotics, antiseptics, anti-inflammatories, beta-blockers, painkillers, growth hormones and other hormones.

Recipe:  Shake To Go Concentrate (SCD/GAPS) post image

Many times when I travel I really miss my morning shake. I have taken to bringing the ingredients with me in separate containers and I purchased a small blender that really works well. But I have found that sometimes it is more convenient to prepare the shakes a head of time, in concentrated form, and then to freeze them. This is a space saving way to travel with a "fast food!"

5 Reasons to Eat Salt

5 Reasons to Eat Salt post image

Recently, British research published by The Cochrane Library, found that while cutting salt consumption did appear to lead to slight reductions in blood pressure, that was not translated into lower death rate or heart disease risk.

Vending Machines Go Healthy

This was my idea and someone took it! I Have a friend who is in the vending machine business. One day we were discussing his business and I suggested he find a way to replace all the junk food items (everything in the machine) with healthier snack foods. Now there is a company that has done just that but it could be healthier still...

Please join us for Chefs and Foodies Celebration Party with the Filmmaker, Movie Screening and Panel Discussion

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

5:00pm -- Party at Jimmy's No. 43 Restaurant, 43 East 7th St.

Enjoy Appetizers: Artisinal cheeses, beer sausages, Shisito Peppers, Wine, Beer or Sparkling Water, then walk to the theatre to enjoy the show.

It's summer and the zucchini are coming in! Of course I forage for them as I do not have room in my garden for growing large zucchini plants. I did try that last year and I got one zucchini before the plants faded away. Very disappointing. However, my local real food market, Rita's Real Food in Bayport, is selling large zucchini for $1.50 per pound. That's a bargain!

Extended NYC Showing of Farmagedon!

If you live near NYC and have not gone in to see this great movie, you still have a chance! Due to popular demand the one week premier showing has been extended to July 21. The reviews have been excellent. This is a really in depth look at how the government treats our small independent farmers. Instead of supporting them, they hassle and harass them. I'm going to make it there this week!

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India Farmers Beat Monsanto Rep

A senior representative from Monsanto Corporation traveled from Mumbai to the nearby village of Munjala to investigate reports of crop failures of Bt cotton seed. When he denied any problems with the crop, (even though they had clearly not grown) he was severely beaten up by the farmers. Don't you just love this?

In a marketing attempt to lure consumers to their products, food manufacturers are using an old concept towards bigger profits. This old "new" idea is to hide healthy food in their nutrient poor, manufactured products. This may fool some, but not us! We already stay away from their products. Here's what they are trying to do.

Kraft Foods, Inc. is adding freeze dried cauliflower to their Macaroni & Cheese. They apparently freeze dry the cauliflower and then pulverize it and use that powder to replace some of the refined flour in the pasta. This allows them to claim that every cup of the product contains one half cup of vegetable.

Tomatoes are ripening in the southern and eastern part of the country and it brings to mind a craving for some rich, flavorful sauce. However, many people cannot tolerate tomatoes for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is because it is part of the nightshade group of vegetables. This group is composed of tomato, potato, eggplant and peppers and contains a chemical called solanine which may cause painful reactions in susceptible individuals.