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Jul 19

healthy vending machine, healthy snacksThis was my idea and someone took it! I Have a friend who is in the vending machine business. One day we were discussing his business and I suggested he find a way to replace all the junk food items (everything in the machine) with healthier snack foods. Now there is a company that has done just that but it could be healthier still…

The h.u.m.a.n. healthy vending company (helping unite man and nutrition) is providing this service in many different settings, including schools and businesses. Studies have shown that productivity at work or school increases, sick days decrease and health care costs are lowered when people eat better (no kidding).

Sadly, American people eat poorly in general and snacks are even worse. I remember working in an office and getting the 4:00 slump — and needing a quick pick me up. I would choose the animals crackers or the pretzels as the “healthiest” alternatives as sugary candy bars were the other offerings in the vending machines.

While vending machines are a fact of life, what they sell can to be an assault on a person’s health. Many people use vending machines on a daily basis to supply food and drink and this can become a real negative for their health.

Here comes the h.u.m.a.n. healthy vending company that provides refrigerated vending machines with the kind of snacks, food and drinks that you could normally purchase from a health food store. Some choices are better than others but many are still not exactly the best, if you are following the Weston Price Foundation Healthy For Life Guidelines.

However, it is certainly a step up for a student in middle school, high school or college to be able to purchase a snack that is organic, without sugar, gluten-free, has no allergens, is without additives, as opposed to energy drinks with loads of sugar and caffeine, pure sugar candy and cookies, chips with rancid oils… You get my meaning.

These vending machines also hold beverages such as coconut water, zero sugar sodas, “all natural” teas, etc. There is even a probiotic enhancer drink. Snack bars include Lara Bars, Odwalla Bars, and Cliff Bars. There are some chips, like Terra Chips and cookies and crackers from Back to Nature Company.

Sounds pretty healthy right? As you probably know by now I’m not a big fan of most packaged foods because even though they may be organic or “healthier” they still may have refined oils, processed sugars (like agave that everyone thinks is so healthy but it is not) or other additives that I do not like.

I think this company is really on the right track, but how about this. How about vending machines that dispense homemade bone broth (not in Styrofoam cups!) or fresh raw milk from pastured cows? (I think they actually do this in Slovenia). Or perhaps they could sell high quality products like my grain-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, soy-free baked products made with coconut flour and the very best ingredients available!

What about small packs of nuts that have been soaked and dried for snacks or my Almond Date Bars (recipe coming soon), jerky made from pastured meat or pemmican bars like the Native Americans made for snacks. Even hard boiled pastured eggs with a freshness date would be a great pick me up. They could include a shake made from fresh fruit and coconut milk as a dairy-free item.

The choices would be appropriate for people with serious food allergies and on special diets like SCD and GAPS. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to purchase fresh, cold (or warm) homemade snacks like this wherever you travel!

If the h.u.m.a.n healthy vending company can do what they are doing I think someone could actually take it further. It would certainly make my life easier! What would you like to see in a Real Food Vending Machine? Leave a comment and let me know!


Schools Businesses Transition to Healthy Vending Machines

h.u.m.a.n. vending machines company

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