June 2011

Announcing a Giveaway!

This month I will be hosting a giveaway generously offered by one of the Real Food Media sponsors. There will be THREE winners so your chances of winning are three times greater! Our sponsors are hand picked because we know and use their products on a daily basis. These products are of the highest quality.

Cod Liver Oil: Superfood

Cod Liver Oil: Superfood post image

Whenever I recommend cod liver oil as a much needed supplement, people wrinkle their noses and say "Yuck"! Maybe their mother or grandmother forced them to take it. I remember my mother coercing us to take a liquid vitamin that was horrible, so I can appreciate the aversion. However, once you understand the incredible robustness that cod liver oil imparts, you may change your mind.

The Specific Carbohydrate Diet and the GAPS diet require grain-free baking. Almond flour is a great alternative. However, it is difficult to find almond flour from blanched organic almonds and impossible to find almond flour from blanched organic almonds that have been soaked and dehydrated. The conclusion I came to was that I would have to make my own and it really is not that hard once you decide which almonds to use.

The deadline is approaching for registration for Food Renegade's Real Food Nutrition And Health E-Course. This is a great way to give your children a head start on REAL nutrition. This is a great beginners class to "Renegade" real food nutrition for families and adults. Register by June 30 and receive $20.00 off!

4 Reasons To Use Beef Tallow

4 Reasons To Use Beef Tallow post image

I just received a quart of beef tallow from my farmer (amazing what I can get excited about!) and tonight I'm going to fry something in it. Probably fish or crab cakes. Traditionally, tallow was used for high heat frying in most fast food restaurants because it remained very stable under high heat conditions and imparted a good flavor. The switch was made in the 1970's when the vegetable oil industry gained power and propagandized the (supposed) benefits of polyunsaturated fats.

Recently, a study was published in the journal, Cancer Research which indicates that eating a low carbohydrate, high protein diet reduces the risk of cancer and slows the growth of tumors. In the developed world, one in three people will develop cancer in their lifetime. One in three.

Investigations conducted at the British Columbia Cancer Research Center found that mice that ate a diet composed of 15 percent carbohydrates, 58 percent protein and 26 percent fat had slower tumor cell growth than mice that ate a diet composed of 55 percent carbohydrates, 23 percent protein and 22 percent fat (a more typical

If you are following SCD or GAPS diet, you are not eating any grains or gluten. Consequently, oatmeal is not on the menu. But you don't have to be deprived! Reminiscent of the chewy, rough texture and sweet flavor of an oatmeal raisin cookie -- this recipe will rival the best oatmeal raisin cookie in town!

Summer camp is fast approaching and we are in desperate need of a non toxic mosquito repellent that actually works. We have tried many many brands that advertise natural and/or herbal ingredients -- but THEY DON'T WORK! We all know that the conventional brands have extremely dangerous substances in them that can cause many acute events such as seizures, migraines, skin reactions, etc. Beyond that, there are the long term problems of hormone disruption and carcinogenicity. What's a mother to do?

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Beware the Poison Apple

Beware the Poison Apple post image

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) an advocacy nonprofit, just published their updated list of the pesticide laden "dirty dozen" and the better "clean fifteen" list of conventional fruits and vegetables for 2011. Of the dirty dozen, apples are at the top -- the worst in pesticide residues.

Recipe: Grilled Wild Salmon

With Father's Day approaching and fresh wild salmon running and available, I thought I'd grill some. I love fresh wild salmon. Frozen fish is just too dry for me. So I get really happy when fresh wild salmon becomes easy to forage. Wild salmon is so loaded with nutrients it is something I can eat several times a week.

Feed Your Head: Fish Roe

It's no secret that dementia and Alzheimer's is on the rise in people in their 70's and older, but also younger people in their 60's are starting to develop these dreadful diseases. We are being faced with a population of elderly people who are no longer the "wise ones." In the traditional cultures that Dr. Weston Price studied, the elders lived a long healthy life and modern diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's were unheard of. What did they do to preserve their brain function?

Finally someone has reacted to the crisis that has been escalating for over thirty years. Since 1976 when Professor Stuart Levy (molecular biology, microbiology and medicine at Tufts university School of medicine) published his research in the New England Journal of Medicine about antibiotic-resistant bacteria being breed in animals fed antibiotics in order to promote growth, both industry and health officials have known that this practice was unsafe for humans.

Need an SCD/GAPS appropriate dessert for that special occasion? With Father's Day coming up you may want to check out this satisfying and festive dessert for that exceptional person. Here are instructions for putting together a layer cake from two videos I published previously.

Where’s The Fat?

While the new USDA graphic is certainly a prettier picture and does convey information with more clarity, they forgot a MAJOR macronutrient group. Where's the FAT? Fruit and vegetables have very little fat. They are recommending lean meats, which have very little fat. They are recommending low fat dairy which has very little fat. So, where's the fat in this supposedly healthy diet?