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Oct 02
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Healthy teeth and gums are critical for good health. Studies are emerging with links between good oral health and good systemic health.

Protect Yourself From Conventional Dentistry

Sadly, most dentists practice conventional dentistry which is full of toxic procedures. When you go to the dentist you must be armed with knowledge and you have to be proactive in order to protect yourself against their many harmful procedures.

Aside from taking dental x-rays too frequently (see why I stopped getting routine dental x-rays here) and fluoride treatments that are without merit and entirely toxic, many are still using mercury amalgams and/or removing these poisonous fillings without the safety precautions that need to be in place. (Read about what Dr. Oz got wrong about mercury amalgams here).

They are putting their patients, their staff and themselves at risk for the frightening consequences of mercury poisoning. Even if you do not have mercury amalgams, when you are in a dental office that still does not practice safe amalgam removal, you are also at risk for exposure to mercury particles.

It makes you think twice about seeing your conventional dentist…

That said, here are some natural remedies that address problems in the mouth.

Two Critical Mineral deficiencies Associated with Poor Oral Health

There are two minerals that stand out as crucial for good dental health.

1- Selenium – take selenium as a whole food supplement (200 mcgs) (I like this one). Too much selenium can result in side effects so do not take more than recommended. Selenium is a powerful binder of mercury.

2- Silicon – Silica may be taken in whole food form or extract from horsetail as a tea. (I like this product). Silica is necessary for skin, hair and nails but it is critical for the skeleton and connective tissue, as well as the GI tract and the gums.

Soils are depleted and foods are also depleted of these important minerals. This is where supplementation is important.

Lifestyle Foundations

Remedies to Reduce Chronic Gum Inflammation

Use of Byronia alba is a way to help start liver support. Once the liver is working well use Baptisia tinctoria and rhus toxicodendron for connective tissue inflammation.

If there is a really serious gum problem and tooth decay you can use Kreosotum or Staphysagria or Phosphorus.

A homeopathic remedy to reduce gum bleeding is China or Cinchona officinalis.

Hepar Sulphur is indicated for an absess associated with root canal procedures. This helps the body address infection.

The best tool for an absess is the bioactive silver hydrosol. This is a pure and safe product and may be used in high enough doses that will allow you to avoid the use of antibiotics. This may be applied typically using a water pik that will drive the silver below the gum line. You can also use a sublingual dose.

This is very safe without accumulation or toxicity. This can be used to rinse the mouth for anti-microbial activity but it’s value is because of the ability of silver to down-regulate inflammation in cells and up-regulate generation of new healthy tissue. See the book, The Body Electric by Dr. Rober Becker.

Additional Remedies

  • Essential Oils can be used orally and many have antimicrobial properties.
  • Argentyn 23.
  • Oil pulling using coconut oil can rid the mouth of pathogenic bacteria.
  • Use of fermented butter and cod liver oil for high levels of vitamin A and increased mineral absorption.

How To Efficiently Reach the Gum Tissue

Using a hydrofloss or water pik with a natural antimicrobial in the water will get below the gum line and actually reduce infected pockets that can put your teeth at risk. Most dentists recommend expensive surgery or laser treatments to reduce the pockets, but they can actually be reduced by using a number of these natural procedures safely at home.

This information has been repeated in several of the fantastic interviews at the Holistic Oral Health Summit. I’m going to buy this water flosser and start to use it. I have one pocket that measures 5. It is best to have gums measure 4 or below so this is something I have to take care of before it gets worse.

According to several of the speakers I’ve listened so far, it is critical to get rid of the bacteria that can accumulate just below the gum line. If they persist, they form pockets of infection and this inflames the gum tissue and causes gum disease. If gum disease persists, you can eventually lose your teeth.

Whenever you start to use these natural products it is critical to make sure your bowels are moving well as you want to be sure to eliminate the toxins quickly.

My favorite Orawellness product is the Healthy Mouth Blend that saved me from having gum surgery from pockets!

If you are just getting started you might want to order the Healthy Mouth System.

Some of the information in this post is based on the interview with Robert Scott Bell at the Holistic Oral Health Summit.




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