My Dental Implant Update

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Oct 05
Dental Implant Update, pulled tooth

I had a tooth pulled and was wavering in my decision for its replacement. Many readers have contacted me about what I did and how it is going. I waited to write this update to see how things have turned out. Well, here is my long awaited experience with a dental implant.
Just to back up a bit – I wrote about Why I Pulled a Root Canal Tooth and My Options To Replace It.

Briefly, I had gum recession in a large molar that was a root canal for 30 years. Because of the gum recession, the root was exposed and developed a cavity.

I did not want to try to use expensive dental procedures to save the root canal tooth and so I had it extracted.

Find out more about issues with root canal teeth here.

Replacing an Extracted Tooth is an Important Decision

The options are not that great. According to the American Dental Association (ADA) there are three options:

  1. Implants
  2. Fixed Bridges
  3. Removable Partial Denture

There is actually a 4th option called a composite bridge that not all dentists know how to perform. According to the folks at Orawellness,

Dr. Ronald Carlson, a biological dentist in Hawaii, has a kit that he sells to dentists to educate them on what they need to build a composite bridge.  Called the Carlson Bridge ‘winged pontic’, this kit is something your local dentist could purchase for you upon your request. (source)

Finally, there is the 5th option and that is to do nothing.

Just leave the space there.

Most would argue that this is not a good option as the teeth can move and misalign and this could affect gum health as well.

What I Did to Replace a Tooth

I decided to go with the implant.

I went to a dentist who was known for using zirconium (as this is supposed to be more inert than titanium) and he spent the better part of the consultation explaining to me why that was not a good choice for the particular tooth.

He also told me that the zirconium has a greater failure rate and should not be used for replacement of a large molar.

Needless to say I was kind of very disappointed as I had traveled some distance to see this particular dentist for the zirconium. But, I listened to him because he had a good reputation.

I decided to go with the titanium.

My next step was to test myself for titanium. Luckily I know someone who works with metals and he was able to lend me a chunk of titanium. I had my chiropractor muscle-test me for the titanium.

Kinesiology is a little woo woo for some people but it is really a great way of accessing the wisdom of your own body. I thought it could at least give me some indication (via a weak muscle) if the titanium was reactive to my body.

The chunk of titanium we used fit into my hand. I thought that any reactivity would certainly show up against that large mass – especially since a titanium implant is so much smaller.

As it turned out, my muscles were very strong against the titanium so that gave me a bit more confidence that it would work out.

How I’m Doing After 6 Months

I’m doing OK with it.

It is not perfect.  The crown fits perfectly and the implant seems fine. There is no pain when I chew on it so I know it is good.

However, sometimes I feel a throbbing sensation in my jawbone. It passes, but happens every few days for a passing second.

I know something is there.

I have not had any new health issues and it has not affected any organs that sit on the particular meridian associated with tooth #30.

But it is early days yet. As time goes on I hope I can say that it is still OK.

So that’s my story.

Have you been faced with similar dental problems? How have you dealt with them? Leave a comment and share your experience!

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