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Mar 01

Can you believe that the store, Sprinkles of Beverly Hills is opening a 24 hour cupcake vending machine?  I’m sure it will be a big success here in America. While the cupcakes are made with better (right) ingredients, they are still loaded with sugar. In stark contrast, in many countries in Europe there are raw milk vending machines that provide a real super food — fresh, raw milk to hundreds of people.

We don’t have our priorities right

It’s like a free for all here with processed, food. And people fall for it and allow their children to eat junk. I can just see all the people flocking to the Sprinkles vending machine when what they really need is some real food.

It’s no wonder here in America we spend the most dollars for health care, (which is really sick care) and yet, we are clearly very unhealthy.

Our food supply is a disaster

Between genetically modified foods that are allowed to be unlabeled, rancid vegetable oils that we are told to eat as healthy, artificial sugars, preservatives, colorings and other toxic additives that lead to obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome, it’s no wonder our health care system is crashing.

Europe has the right idea

Meet Konrad Pszowski, who produces raw milk vending machines. It is really quite simple to set up a raw milk vending machine in Poland — you just have to get an inspector to come to the site and inspect the machine. It is neither criminal nor scandalous to want to drink raw milk in Poland and Europe.

Although there are large commercial farms in Poland, there are also organic farmers who are concerned about sustainability. There are also the older farmers who just don’t want to change the way of life that they grew up with — manually milking their cows on pasture.

Europeans know the value of raw milk and all the wonderful products you can make from it; cheese, yogurt, sour cream, butter, etc. Raw milk is not denied in many of European countries. It is very popular in the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Poland.

Raw milk at the touch of a button

In an interview at The Bovine, Konrad explained that his business, called MilkMat is growing every day. They get requests for machines from countries all  over the world.

The beauty of his machine is that it makes it so much easier to buy raw milk. Now, people in cities can easily get raw milk. Before, you had to go to the farm to get it.

The milk producers also earn three times more when using the vending machine. They can pay off the cost of the machine in 5 – 6 months if they sell 120 -150 liters a day.

Konrad is doing so well, he is developing a new idea for an additional module that will make it possible to sell fresh eggs, cottage cheese, sausages etc.

Back in America people are eating fake factory junk that does not even qualify to be called food.

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