Recipe: Savory Cranberry Apple Chutney (Paleo, AIP, SCD, GAPS) post image

I love the fall! Who doesn't on the east coast? I'm actually ready for cooler weather and all the fantastic produce coming in. Cranberries are amongst my favorites because they are versatile and full of nutrition. Indigenous people have used cranberries for medicinal purposes for… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Grain-Free Apple Tart from Grain-Free Breads, Snacks and Desserts post image

One of the most satisfying types of desserts, in my opinion, is one with a crust and a filling that is naturally sweet, like apples. A tart satisfies my desire for something crunchy and slightly sweet. This tart is very healthy because it is sweetened… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Spiced Baked Apples

Recipe: Spiced Baked Apples post image

There are so many varieties of apples these days. Of course, you should only buy organic apples for this reason and for that reason. That limits the varieties quite a bit, but all apples are great for baking. I try to get the largest organic… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Pecan Apple Flying Saucers GF

Recipe: Pecan Apple Flying Saucers GF post image

What with Halloween just around the corner and the barrage of artificial, chemical laden, sugary candy pushed into everyone's face, a real food home needs to be prepared with fun to make and nutritionally sound sweet treats.These flying saucers are fun for the whole family… Click to Continue →

Another Compelling Reason to ONLY eat Organic Apples post image

They did it! They have finally created an apple that doesn't get brown when sliced and exposed to air. Yep -- you guessed it -- the first genetically modified fruit called the Arctic Apple. I've been waiting years for this -- haven't you? Here is… Click to Continue →

Video/Recipe: Pecan Crusted Apple Crisp

I always love the fall, when the apples start to come in and you can bake and cook them into seasonal delicacies. Fresh, sweet,organic apples may be used for so many easy and fun treats! This pecan crusted apple crisp has a wonderfully crispy crust with the buttery flavor of the pecans that is reminiscent of graham cracker crust. Combined with fresh organic apples it makes for a wonderful dessert. These ingredients are simple, pure and whole -- so nutritious and satisfying.