How to Lose Weight and Become Healthy with Vanessa Romero

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I just listened to the interview with Vanessa Romera of Healthy Living How To. She spoke about how she lost 25 pounds as a 40 year old — but more importantly, how she overcame adrenal fatigue and other health problems. Her story is fascinating and might help you if you are suffering from similar issues.

 Chronic Stress Plays a Huge Role

Vanessa shares her story on how she went from being a very sick, very tired, very stressed individual to the healthy person she is today.

Her symptoms included, weight gain, sleep problems, PMS, nighttime binge eating, TMJ syndrome and coloration of the skin (called melasma).

What Testing to Get

She had a lot of alternative testing done through a naturopath. I can tell you that chiropractors and nutritionists can also do this type of testing as well as alternative medical doctors. She had tests for cortisol and sex hormones in saliva, gut dysbiosis and candida through stool, neurotransmitters, as well as histamine levels and food allergy testing.

Not everyone needs all these tests, but she was willing to get them. This type of testing can direct the treatment plan to address the real cause of the symptoms — not just manage the symptoms. In this way you can get to the bottom of the problem and solve it.

To Heal

Vanessa was put on a gut healing protocol, with a restricted diet as well as  supplements that help heal the gut. The main dietary restriction was no gluten, wheat or dairy. Vanessa feelst that these were very powerful components in her healing.

Weight Loss

It wasn’t until year two that the weight came off after following the treatment protocol. She didn’t intentionally try to lose weight. When your body is healthy, it will seek to achieve a healthy weight. After resolving the adrenal issues, the sleep issues resolved and then the weight started to come off naturally.

She maintains her weight at this point without doing anything really intentionally. She does eat low carb as a lifestyle and she feels this helps. Vanessa emphasized that it takes time to heal adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, blood sugar regulation, and mood — then the weight will normalize.

A real food diet is very important to this healing with the proper fats.

How to Keep it Off

Vanessa shared that she had to prioritize her values.  The stress was the precipitating factor and in order to heal she had to get rid of the stress in her life. For Vanessa, that involved quitting her stressful job, selling her large home and downsizing, and other actions —  to be able to afford everything she did.

She had a real commitment to changing her lifestyle in order to improve her health.

There is so much more in this podcast that you may relate to: she talks about resolving melasma, resolving TMJ syndrome (a very painful condition) and exercise tips.

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