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Mar 27
The Unhealthy Truth, fodd additives

Robyn O’Brien is the author of the book The Unhealthy Truth – How Our Food is Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It.

With degrees in finance and business, Robyn O’Brien tackled the relationship between the food corporations and the financiers that enables the United States to be the only developed country in the world to allow unlabeled toxins in our food supply.

Follow the Money

The mother of 4, O’Brien had a frightening experience with her youngest child that started her ongoing journey. What she discovered has shocked and dismayed her. She has investigated aspects of our food supply that have lead to the alarmingly increased rates of childhood illnesses, conditions and diseases.

O’Brien researched the research. There is a lot of research in Europe that is NOT funded by the companies that own the patents for the products. To quote O’Brien,

Whenever you read or hear an expert opinion, consider the funding source. Google the name of the doctor, organization, or medical institution and add one or more of the following terms: ‘disclosure,’ ‘speakers bureau,’ ‘grant,’ ‘consulting fee’ or ‘funding’. Chances are you’ll hit a gold mine of information. I always do!

This is a key issue in reading research – you must find out who is funding the research as Robyn has so succinctly stated.

Since the FDA does not have the funding to oversee each and every new food additive or drug that is put on the market, they rely on the companies themselves to provide safety studies. That’s sort of like putting the fox in the hen house. Of course these companies are going to show how safe their product is after investing billions of dollars to develop it.

Food is the Only Industry That Governs Itself

According to Robyn, in any other industry there are rules and regulations and other organizations that oversee the manufacture. For instance, what if the automobile industry were allowed to oversee itself? Would we have the level of safety that we have now?

In Europe, things are a little different. They have not allowed genetically modified foods into the countries and all ingredient are shown on the label.

In the United States we are still fighting for the right to know exactly what is in our food as witnessed by Proposition 37 in California. It was defeated, but it has certainly brought us a step forward in this fight against the multi-billion dollar chemical corporations that are trying to overtake the entire food supply with genetic modification.

Stunning Statistics

According to Robyn, in the past 2 decades, there has been a 400% increase in allergies, 300% increase in asthma, 400% increase in ADHD and an increase of between 1,500-6,000% in the number of children with autism-spectrum disorders. Additionally, 1 in 11 children has asthma and 1 in 4 has allergies.

This is truly staggering and these statistics are from 2 years ago so it is more now.

What has lead to all these problems? We simply didn’t have this when I was growing up. We know that there are toxins in the environment but now it’s almost RARE for a child NOT to have some kind of condition — allergy, food sensitivity, learning problem or other issue.

A Book and A Website

Robyn also has a website: and there you can get lots of ideas on how to transition your family away from additive laden, allergenic  foods. There is a lot of information about genetically modified foods and how to avoid them.

Children represent only 30% of our population but 100% of our future

Robyn is dedicated to sharing all the information she has uncovered with as many people as she can reach.

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The Unhealthy Truth by Robyn O'Brien

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