You’ll Never Worry About Eating Out Again!

You’ll Never Worry About Eating Out Again! post image

Let’s face it. There are times when even the most conscientious of us real foodies will want to, or have to eat out. If you’re given a choice between pasture-raised chicken deep-fried in canola oil and CAFO-raised chicken marinated in olive oil, which should you choose?

You will never have to worry about eating out again because my friend Kristen from Food Renegade has just released her new book, The Renegade Guide to Dining Out.

She shares with us just how to ask for the ingredients in a dish without feeling embarrassed or silly. She goes over how to prioritize certain methods of cooking and ingredients over another.

The Renegade Guide to Dining Out can help!

This e-book will teach you:
* How to Ask About Ingredients and Sourcing
* How to Prioritize Your Food Choices
* Proven “Cheats” for Some of the Most Popular Restaurant Chains
* Tricks to Make Menu Items Healthier

What About Those Restaurant Salad Dressings?

All the restaurant salad dressings are made with unhealthy oils (with very few exceptions).

For instance, commercial vegetable oils are highly refined (think of an industrial oil refinery) oils that are cheap to manufacture, but they are foreign to our physiology. In these refineries, oil is obtained by crushing the seeds and heating them to 230 degrees F. The seeds are then squeezed at pressures of 10 to 20 tons per inch. This generates more heat.

During the process the oil is exposed to light and oxygen which is damaging to it’s fragile structure, creating free radicals.  And finally, in order to extract the last 10% of the oil from the seeds, a solvent is used — usually hexane, and up to 100 parts per million of this toxic chemical is allowed to remain in the oil.

In addition, all this heating and processing destroys the fat soluble vitamins like vitamin E which are also natural preservatives. Then, artificial preservatives like cancer causing BHT and BHA are added.

How To Find Out How Things are Made Gracefully

Kristen gives you the attitude and the words to ask questions without insinuating that you are not happy with the answers:

If your server answers the question in a way that seems less knowledgeable, you transition into politely asking for a manager. I do this by saying, “Well, I’m very excited about this farm-to-table stuff and would love the opportunity to ‘geek out’ with someone really knowledgeable about your restaurant’s sourcing and practices. Is there anyone currently here who can answer some of my questions?”

I love this! So many times I am at a loss because I know the server really doesn’t know what is in the food and how it is made. This is much better than simply asking for a manager, which can make the server irritated when I don’t really intend to do that.

How To Make a Healthy Meal

Although I suspected it, it is sad to find out how most restaurants buy prepackaged foods to serve as their own. This is important because in these prepackaged foods are lots of the ingredients you want to avoid.

Kristen shares with you exactly what ingredients you need to avoid and how to get the restaurant to tweek your meal so that it is healthier.

There is a lot of information in here that is organized in such a way that it all makes sense and empowers you to seek out the best you can when eating out.

There are also two amazing bonuses that you will get with the sale price! You also get:

1 – Dining Out With Kids by Jennifer McGruther (Nourished Kitchen)

2 – The Real Food Restaurant Guide by Holly Hickman

We travel, we socialize with friends and sometimes we just need a break from always cooking. I know I struggle with eating out and usually end up just getting a simple salad and I try to remember to bring my own salad dressing. No kidding.

Check out this new way of managing eating out with Kristen’s The Renegade Guide to Dining Out. I think you’ll find it helpful!

Get it now, just in time for holiday traveling, celebrating and eating out.

Check out The Renegade Guide to Dining Out here.

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