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Aug 19

I don’t watch television much, but at the gym the other day, while on the elliptical, I watched Law & Order. It is usually a somewhat interesting show, but this episode really ticked me off!

The show was a repeat, I guess in response to the measles outbreak at Disney in April – it being a hot topic. Here was an incompetent young mother who is under suspicion for the disappearance of her child. To make a long story short, the child was sick and very cranky (a baby under one year) and instead of seeking medical attention she spanks the child and puts her to bed. The next day the child is dead and the young mother buries her in a shallow grave because she thought she killed the baby when she hit her.

If that is not bad enough, the medical examiner then tells the detectives that the child died of brain encephalitis from measles. The baby was unvaccinated due to her age. They investigate and find the 4 year old boy that had the measles (unvaccinated by mother’s choice) that went to the playground before his symptoms showed and passed it on to the innocent unvaccinated baby.

That’s when I started to get riled up. To further this scare tactic, they put the mother of the unvaccinated boy on trial for manslaughter.

That’s when I started screaming at the TV. With headphones on I did not realize how loud I was (screaming) until my fellow gym members started starring at me.

You know how that is.

The Media Provokes Terror

I can imagine how many mothers of babies watching this show became terrified that their unvaccinated baby would come into contact with another child with measles.

And die.

Interestingly, the CDC has reported NO deaths from the measles outbreak at Disney. In fact there have been no reported deaths from measles in over 10 years. (source)

Even more interesting, the station that aired this show also aired MANY commercials for medications. The TV station plays for the sponsors.

While they did try to portray the issue of informed choice, the entire show was clearly formulated to inspire fear into the viewers and to motivate them to vaccinate their kids. They even had some Amish people in the show as part of the unvaccinated people who spread the disease.

Measles in Disneyland

Cases of measles appeared from late 2014 through April 17, 2015, the date the California Department of Public Health determined that the outbreak ended. There were 136 confirmed cases that emerged from Disneyland in California.

Aside from all the hype and blame on children who are unvaccinated, this outbreak actually started from an overseas source, not an unvaccinated child. It also clearly did not start at a school. It also affected more adults who are not subject to school vaccine laws.

How is this about unvaccinated children when the CDC reports that over 99 percent of children are vaccinated, and 90-95 percent are fully vaccinated? (source)

Measles Mortality Rates

According to The World Health Organization, measles mortality is clinically insignificant. (source)

Click over here to the U.S. Measles Mortality Rates chart to see the real truth about the effectiveness of the vaccine.

The real truth is that measles deaths in America had declined by over 98% by the time the vaccine was first introduced. (This is a truth for almost every infectious disease associated with a vaccine).

The fact is that many infectious diseases were already declined BEFORE the vaccines were introduced.

Sadly, we’re become a society suffering from chronic degenerative diseases and nosocomial infections (doctor/hospital induced) instead.

The Safety of Vaccines

The medical offices and pharmaceutical companies that depend on the enormous profits from sales of vaccinations claim they are safe.

  • If they are so safe, why are vaccine manufacturers protected from liability by our government?
  • If they are so safe, why did the government (in 1986) pass the Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) which has given out millions to injured people through this compensation program?
  • If they are so safe why do people have to be forced to receive them for schools and jobs?
  • If they are so safe what are all the thousands of moms and dads protesting about?

The fact is there is corruption and deceit in the reporting of safety testing. There are peer reviewed papers that have exposed the dangers of many vaccines. Additionally in recent news, there is documented evidence that the CDC withheld critical information about safety of the MMR vaccine.

Viral Illnesses Teach the Immune System

According to Dr. Stephanie Seneff,

There is much about viruses that we simply do no understand. (Wise Traditions Journal, Vol 16 N0 2)

Measles and other infectious viruses are not all that bad. There is so much we do not know about them and how they may be beneficial. In fact, there is an entire virome living in your gut that we know very little about and that may turn out to contribute to good health.

Studies have shown that infection with measles can result in fewer allergies. There was a reported case of seizures that disappeared after acute viral infection. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis may go into remission after infection with measles and psoriasis may be cured after measles infection.

Viruses are being studied for use in cancer treatments. Researchers at Duke University are using polio virus to treat glioblastoma, a common and deadly brain tumor.

At Stonybrook University researchers are using polio virus to treat neuroblastoma, another deadly childhood brain tumor.

These studies are based on the information that certain viruses can infect tumor cells and mobilize an immune response against the tumor.

Interesting and promising!

These childhood viral illnesses train the immune system to mobilize against an appropriate foreign invader. When we no longer allow children to get sick, their immune systems never develop properly and hyperimmunity, autoimmunity and other chronic illnesses appear as they have.

Whether or Not to Vaccinate Your Child

This is a parental right. A parent should decide what gets injected into their child’s body. Sadly, most parents do not make informed decisions, but are bullied into a set schedule that is convenient for the pediatricians and the drug companies.

Vaccines are manufactured for healthy children. Unfortunately, many of our children are not healthy and should not be vaccinated. We need to set up a protocol to determine which child (or adult) is a risk when receiving a vaccine. Vaccines are not going to go away – we need to have this information and use it to prevent adverse vaccine reactions in our population.

Sometimes it is not the vaccine itself, it is the adjuvants and other additives in the vaccine that make it so dangerous. There is a newly named condition called ASIA (Autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants), that has been identified to be iatrogenically induced from vaccines.

Vaccines are a known trigger for autoimmunity – but there is NEW research on who may be at risk when vaccinated. If there could be a standardized protocol for determining if a child (or adult) is ready and can handle a vaccine it would make us all a lot healthier!

Get as much information as you can before you vax. The National Vaccine Information Center is a good place to start.

I was so disgusted with the show I didn’t watch the ending. I’m sure the program was followed by an ad for a medication.





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