The Paleo Survival Guide by Sylvie McCracken

The Paleo Survival Guide by Sylvie McCracken post image

Sylvie’s story is an amazing story of health recovery on a real food Paleo diet. You have to read about all of her health challenges as a teenager and young adult to believe the change. Out of this experience she writes with a solid foundation of what worked for her and her family and what could work for you and your family.

What is Paleo?

Paleo, as in Paleolithic, is a traditional diet, along with Primal and Weston Price. In this book there is a good description of the differences and what you can eat on a Paleo diet.

The most obvious foods that are eliminated are grains and legumes (including soy), because even when properly prepared, for people with leak gut, grains and legumes can have a powerful  immune stimulating effect — not in a good way.

Other obvious foods to avoid are processed and packaged foods, sugar and alcohol, as well as commercial dairy.

Is Paleo Safe For Kids?

Sylvie answers this with a resounding YES! Her three children clearly benefited from the change to Paleo in a big way. You can read about that when you get the book.

What Foods You Can Eat

Now we get into the real food part of the book — she explains why meat, poultry and eggs from pastured animals are important and the differences in the fat profile between grain fed and grassfed animals.

She also goes over the Clean 15 and the Dirty Dozen list for fruits and vegetables so you know which should be organic and which you can get away with not being organic.

Budgeting for Paleo

As a mother of three, she has learned how to budget and buy these high quality foods with savings in mind. Learn from this busy mom how to save money and time when cooking at home for a large family.

Sylvie shows how to organize your time in the kitchen so that you get a lot done in a short amount of time. There is a real art to that and it is worth learning it from a pro.

Reluctant Spouse

We may all have at least one reluctant family member and Sylvie has tips to share regarding this situation as well. The tips also apply to getting your whole family (and teenagers) on board gradually and successfully.

In Sickness and in Health, on the Go, Restaurants and Social Functions

Sylvie gives very explicit details on how to handle the diet when the kids are sick or even in the hospital. There are more details about how to handle the diet when on the go, eating in restaurants or traveling.

Her daughter is very sensitive to gluten so even a small infraction brings about severe health consequences. She explains how to handle all this at parties and other social functions for children.

The Paleo Lifestyle

This section involves information on handling stress, sleep and exercise. I’ll let you read about that when you get the book. This is a wonderful book for someone starting on a real food traditional lifestyle. There are also some key recipes and TONS of other great advice!

It is possible to stay on the diet while living your life! The details here are very helpful!

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