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Living dairy-free can be a challenge, especially when it comes to milk replacements. Over the years I have tried many products. Before I knew better, I drank a lot of soy milk. After reading Kaayla Daniel's book The Whole Soy Story I stopped drinking it immediately because of all the problems it can create. But that is another post for a different day. One alternative is to make your own coconut milk.

Your Brain on Fake Food

Your Brain on Fake Food post image

New research published in the Archives of General Psychiatry by scientists at Yale University indicates that there is actually neural activity similar to drug addiction when a tempting food is presented. Researchers studied 48 young women of various weights. Using functional MRI (fMRI) the investigators were able to document the parts of the brain that are activated when a person sees a tempting food.

The Dark Side Of Bright Food

The Dark Side Of Bright Food post image

Did you ever see little children walking around with multicolored faces after eating some ices or candy that stains their mouth? I just cringe when I see this. And I want to ask the mother why she lets her children eat that toxic junk. But I control myself, smile and walk away. I guess I am just different. When my son was little I never gave him such things. Am I a killjoy? I don't think so.

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