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Dec 18

I often think of what a person needs when I am trying to figure out a gift for them – what they would need and what they would love to try. Being a real foodie, I like to indulge my family and friends with food items that I love to use and cook with, and personal care items I love.

Here are some of the items I use a lot and love to give at this time of year!

High Quality Foods

From Tropical Traditions


As you probably know, I love their coconut oil, coconut concentrate and coconut flour. They also carry shredded coconut and coconut flakes that I keep in stock.

Personal Care

I started using their coconut oil cream and coconut oil lotion and I absolutely love it! You can select these pure products as unscented (that’s how I like them) or with scented with pure essential oils.

I also love their coconut oil liquid soap. It comes in this clever dispenser that shoots it out as a foam. It is the most gentle cleanser for my face that I have ever used and I am happy knowing that it is made from high quality coconut oil.

They also make coconut oil soap bars.

They have lots of other simply made, pure personal care products that I am excited to try! If you do not have the time to make DIY personal care products, this is the best alternative and they make great gifts!

From Orawellness

I started using their Healthy Mouth Blend a few months ago and it is truly amazing! My mouth feels so clean and there is no plaque! My gums are really healthy too. I can’t wait to see what my dentist says.

My friends at Orawellness have created a special coupon for my readers – RFFHEALTHYMOUTH for a 20% savings on the Healthy Mouth Summit. If you missed it, it was jam packed with vital information about the conventional practice of dentistry and the pitfall of toxic materials to avoid.

Grassfed Meat

Send someone you love a box of grassfed steaks or sugarfree bacon and sugarfree franks.

Clean Wild Seafood

Send someone you love some cans of wild salmon, or belly tuna (amazing!) These are a real treat!

From Olea Estates

I think a case of the small bottles of organic extra virgin olive oil would be a fantastic gift, or a barrel of their incredible olives! We can’t get enough of these!

Use coupon code FORAGER for a 5% discount!

Salt and Spices

Salt and spices make a great gift. I love the Makai Pure Sea Salt (Celtic) and Real Salt.

Mountain Rose Herbs sells lots of organic herbs and spices that also make great gifts!

Gluten Free

Do you know someone who would like to learn more about baking gluten-free sourdough bread? This company has everything you need to know to bake gluten-free sourdough!

Ready Made Traditional Foods

Giving the gift of ready made traditional food products, made correctly would be an amazing gift in my eyes.

Wise Choice Market makes broth, fermented vegetables and fermented vegetable juices that are made the traditional way and would satisfy the most dedicated traditional eater.

Aged Balsamic Vinegar

To me, this aged balsamic vinegar is like a fine wine. I like to give my friends a bottle of this to try. I use it for marinating and for salad dressings. Everyone comments on the fine taste.

Napa Valley Naturals Aged Balsamic Vinegar — this is SCD legal as it is aged over 18 years and is superior in taste. This vinegar is thick due to the aging.

Kitchen Tools

This only one I don’t have is the stand mixer. Hint. I love all the other items and use them all the time.

I hope some of these ideas will help you keep your stress levels down this holiday season!

All the best for happy and healthy holidays,


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