Video/Recipe: Grain Free Matzoh Crackers

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Instructions for making the batter

  1. Beat the eggs and then add the oil and honey and mix together
  2. You may do this in a food processor or by hand
  3. If you are mixing by hand use a sifter for the flour
  4. Add the salt and coconut flour and mix until combined

Instructions for cooking

  1. Follow the directions that come with your pizzelle maker and begin by heating it up
  2. Use an oil spray to oil the grills (I use olive oil for this)
  3. When it is ready, use 1 teaspoon of the batter placed in the middle of the grill and quickly close the top
  4. The first cracker usually takes about 1 minute. After that they usually take approximately 2 minutes. I use my oven timer for this as it important that they cook correctly, not too browned but cooked through
  5. Working quickly, take the cooked cracker out, put in new batter and close the top quickly. You will be losing heat when it is open
  6. Place the cooked crackers on a rack to cool
  7. This batter made 16, 4″crackers from my pizzelle maker
  8. Line these on two cookie sheets and dry in the oven at 170º F for one hour
  9. They should be crisp
  10. These keep stored on the counter lightly covered with foil for days and they also store very well in a container in the refrigerator