Your Skin Mirrors Your True Gut Health – Handle It With Care

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Oct 01
Your Skin Mirrors Your True Gut Health – Handle It With Care, gut health

We all want the beautiful radiant skin that babies have. Do you treat your skin with chemicals?  Your skin mirrors your true gut heath – handle it with care.

Skin conditions like acne and eczema give us a visual record of the condition of the person’s internal health — gut health.  In order to nurture good health you need to protect yourself from the chemicals and toxins in personal care products.

The Skin is the Largest Organ in Your Body

It is indeed an organ.

One of the main functions of the skin is to facilitate detoxification of your body.

In that regard it is an organ of excretion and thus, it is a visual record of what is going on inside the gut. If there are problems with digestion of food, food allergies, or problems with elimination, there will be a visual image of that reflected in some way, through the skin.

If you are on a healing protocol you must remember that the creams, lotions, soaps, etc. that you put on your skin will be absorbed into your bloodstream. If these products are made of chemicals, that can and will affect your health and your ability to heal.

You Should Be Able to Eat Your Skin Care Products

This is an important concept to understand. The skin is an amazing organ because it has cells that provide a protective barrier to the outside world, but yet, can also allow substances to move through skin, and in and out of the body.

What this means is that any product you apply to your skin, from face creams to body creams to makeup, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, etc. will not only stay on the surface of the skin will but also be absorbed into your body and your bloodstream.

The pharmaceutical companies take advantage of this fact by offering many medications in a carrier of cream because they know it will be absorbed well through the skin. The same is true for personal care products.

This means that the chemicals found in conventional skincare products are going right into your bloodstream and many have been found to be extremely toxic. If you are using them everyday then you are getting a good dose of noxious substances each and every day. Many of the damaging effects are cumulative.

Click here to find out more specifically about the toxic chemicals found in conventional skincare products.

Your skin has many other functions, but one fact is clear, taking care of the skin with natural, non-toxic substances is a key component to internal health — which radiates through the mirror of your skin.

Babies and children are also much more sensitive to the chemicals in conventional skincare products. What you put on your children’s skin goes right through.

The Solution

There are many natural skin care product lines on the market. However, you must be careful because many of the companies are still using harmful substances in their products. You must read the labels carefully and learn which chemicals are harmful (See the link above for information about the specific chemicals).

Don’t be fooled by the words natural and organic — companies use these words to market their products which may have one or two organic ingredients but may also have other harmful ones. Choose products with 100% real ingredients such as edible herbs and oils.

Learn How To Make Your Own Safe and Edible Personal Care Products!

An alternative solution would be to make your own. Oh, I know that is really not something you want to do, especially if you are already doing a lot of real food cooking.

There are many free recipes for skin care products on the web but if you have tried some, you may have found out that many just don’t work. It is totally disappointing to gather all the ingredients, make the recipe and have it fail. I know, because I tried that several times and have since given up.

Mommypotamus to the rescue!

My friend Heather who blogs at has an amazing e-book called DIY Organic Beauty Recipes: 50+ All-Natural, Toxin-Free Recipes That Really Work, that she published last year. She has since updated it with some new recipes and information.

Check out these great products you can make at home for pennies!

Homemade soap

Homemade Soap

It’s Easy and the Recipes Have All Been Tested

Heather has spent long hours researching and developing DIY personal care recipes. She has spent tons of money and so much time testing all the recipes so that you can be sure that each and every one will work.


Cinnamon and Vanilla

Cinnamon and Vanilla Winter Scrub

There Is Plenty of Time for Making Your Own Fantastic Holidays Gifts

I don’t know about you, but to me the holidays are so much more fun when I give a gift from the heart — one that is made with my very own hands.

From homemade scented soaps to shampoo, to tooth powder this book has it all! Here are just some of the recipes that are so easy to make!

  • Peppermint Face & Body Wash
  • Apple Cider Toner
  • Sweet Orange and Honey Shampoo
  • Color Rinse for Dark Hair
  • Mint Chocolate Body Butter
  • Purifying Clay Mask
  • Soothing Bath Salts
  • Natural Tooth Whitener
  • Man Stink Killer Deodorant
  • Beetroot Cheek and Lip Tint

The list goes on with homemade sunscreen, homemade toothpaste, homemade bug spray and lots of tips and tricks.

Click here to view more details

Beetroot Lip and Check TintBeetroot Lip and Cheek Tint

Mint Chocolate Body Butter

Mint Chocolate Body Butter

Lotion BarLotion Bar

You get the picture. All the recipes are amazing. The knowledge and information in this book will supply you with ideas that will keep you busy while having fun.

Have a DIY party with a friend or two and spend the afternoon making beautiful heartfelt gifts for your loved ones.

If this is not your thing but you know someone who loves this — give the book as a gift!

Click here to view more details

Heather has spent countless hours and tons of money researching, testing and trying over 50 recipes for skin and body care products made from totally natural substances THAT YOU CAN EAT!

Click here to purchase the book


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