Your Health Blossoms from a Healthy Gut – How to Get There

Autoimmunity & Healing Diets

Nov 02

The new normal for most people is to have a health problem. This generation of children are suffering from an onslaught of toxins beginning in the womb. Children are suffering from the diseases and conditions of aging adults. We must put an end to this downward spiral – and we can – with the right tools.

Even ten years ago, when my son was in middle school, it became apparent that almost all the children had some kind of health problem.

Now it is worse.

It might be back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, nausea, allergies, asthma, learning problems, autism, behavior problems, personality problems, depression, skin problems, autoimmunity – to mention just a few.

This generation of children are suffering from the long term toxic effects of 3 generations of

the displacing foods of modern commerce

as stated by the brilliant nutritionist Dr. Weston Price.

What did he mean by that?

He meant that people should not be eating rancid, processed vegetable seed oils, condensed milk, refined sugar, refined salt and refined wheat because they are devoid of nutrition and leach away at your health. Back in the 1930’s that was the extent of the processed foods that were available and those processed foods made a big impact on the health of people at that time.

Fast forward to today – there are thousands of chemicals in the food supply and more introduced each year. Sadly, the chemical industry reported record profits in 2013, yet is supporting a bill that would provide no new funding to help finance the EPA’s reviews of its products. No surprise there.

Your body does not know what to do with all these chemicals, many of which have not been properly tested for human consumption. Do not be fooled by the USDA, the FDA or the EPA. They are pawns in the hands of lobbyists for Big Ag and Big Food and Big Pharma.

It all comes down to food.

You cannot have health if the food is contaminated – whether it is by pesticides, chemical additives, sugar, rancid oils or GMO‘s.

Your digestion will suffer when you don’t eat real food.

Most doctors do not appreciate this as they are trained to write prescriptions for medications that only mask the symptoms and never get to the cause of the problem.

You have to be your advocate and educate yourself.

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