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Oct 15

Wise Traditions Conference ~ Dallas, TX ~ November 11-14 2010

The 12th annual conference of the Weston Price Foundation will be held in Dallas Texas, November 11 – 14. There will be over 45 speakers and over 40 lecture/workshop sessions. My only complaint is that there is so much going on there is not enough time to hear all the speakers.

Of course the solution to that is to buy the audio tapes of the entire conference and to slowly go through all the lectures at your leisure. That is exactly what I do every winter. I have plenty of excellent audio to listen to at the gym.

This year one of my favorite speakers will be conducting an all day workshop on Friday. I am really excited to hear Stephanie Seneff  (PhD) speak about her theories of cholesterol and sulfate. Dr. Seneff, received her Master’s and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science  from MIT. Since then, she has been a researcher at MIT, where she is currently a Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and a Principal Investigator in the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Throughout her impressive career, Dr. Seneff has conducted research in diverse areas including human auditory modeling, spoken dialogue systems, natural language processing, human language acquisition, information retrieval and summarization, computational biology, and marine mammal socialization.

She has recently become interested in the effect of drugs and diet on health and nutrition, and she has written several essays on the web articulating her view on these topics. She is the first author of two recently published nutrition-related journal papers, one on  the metabolic syndrome and one on Alzheimer’s disease.  She also has two papers on theories related to cholesterol sulfate are currently under review.

Her article on sulfur deficiency and it’s relationship to obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and chronic fatigue was recently published in the summer 2011 Wise Traditions Journal. It is certainly food for thought.

Last year at the conference in Pennsylvannia, I heard her speak on her theories about cholesterol. While they are theories, they make a lot of sense. I knew I loved her when she said “…I go out of my way to eat cholesterol.” Coming from a scientist of her caliber, it just warms my heart!

This year the theme is Myth Busters and it is so appropriate! What you learn at this conference is exactly the opposite of what we have been hearing from all the organizations that supposedly are there to protect us. We learn cutting edge science at this conference with plenty of user friendly workshops and lectures with information that you can bring home and apply to your life the very next day!

Each person has their own experience of a conference like this. For some it is a game changer. It could be for you. If I had to choose between a Carribean vacation and the Wise Traditions Conference I would choose the conference hands down. Take a look at the schedule of events and tell me you wouldn’t too.

And did I tell you they feed you? They do, with amazing pastured eggs, cheeses, meats, butter — all of it — it’s all there at the conference.

And, if you do attend come say hello to me at the Bloggers Panel Friday evening. I’d love to meet you!

Click here for more information and to register:

And by the way if you are able to come on Thursday, join us for the Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund Dinner Fundraiser. It’s going to be a blast!

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