Wisdom of the Children From Wise Traditions Conference 2011

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Dec 01

Looking back at the Wise Traditions Conference in Dallas just a few weeks ago and I feel that I missed so much! I can’t wait for the audio tapes to arrive. Thankfully many people took videos and photos at the event and are sharing them on line. There is so much important information to gather. But sometimes it is the smallest event or experience that is a real treasure. Watch the video below — it’s a gem.

One of the most outstanding things Dr. Price noticed in all of the traditional cultures he studied was that even though there was great deal of variation in their diets, they all had certain things in common. One of those things was sacred foods.

Each culture had their own version of one or two sacred foods and they went to great lengths to procure these foods. The foods were particularly given to pregnant and nursing mothers, young children, young couples getting ready to start a family and to the elders.

One of the sacred foods was fish roe or fish eggs. The cultures that lived near the sea and had access to animal products from the sea went to great lengths to procure the fish roe. These eggs are power houses of nutrition. They contain plenty of vitamins A, C, E, folate and B12, as well as the important nutrient choline, which supports brain development and memory. They are loaded with phosphorus and potassium and have some calcium and selenium as well. Importantly they are high in cholesterol as well as omega 3 fatty acids. Cholesterol plays a very important role as an antioxidant which is still not recognized by the medical establishment.

These nutrients are critical for healthy neurons and healthy brain function.

Wouldn’t you love your children to eat these intensely healthy foods with relish as if they were candy?

Watch this short video courtesy of Vital Choice Seafood — a sponsor of the Weston Price Foundation. They have a large booth at the conference each year and provide samples of their amazing seafood products. Apparently they provided a “snack” for the kids!

Better than candy — these kids know what they like! Given the opportunity, children make good food choices.

If you start your children on nutrient dense foods, they will be nourished and will not need to overeat (junk) to try to get vital nutrients. That is the solution to the childhood obesity epidemic.

Video Credit: Wise Tradition 2011 – Kids Love Ikura!” – Copyright 2011 Vital Choice Wild Seafood & Organics (www.vitalchoice.com)

Photo Credit:© Justin Smith / Wikimedia Commons, CC-By-SA-3.0

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