What IS The Future of Nutrition? And a Giveaway!

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The expression one size does not fit all certainly applies to nutrition. We can be informed of this simply by reading Dr. Weston Price’s seminal work, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. In this book he discusses his research of the many different indigenous cultures he visited and extensively studied. He found that they were all supremely healthy as long as they ate their own particular traditional diet. The astonishing thing is, they all had different traditional diets.

Take for instance, the Swiss living in the isolated village in the Lötschental Valley, located in the Burnese Alps of Switzerland. Dr. Price first visited in 1931 when the Lötschental Valley was nearly inaccessible, with just a footpath in and out. It was almost a mile above sea level and surrounded by steep mountains. The villagers were completely isolated and were fully dependent on what they could harvest and produce for themselves.

Their diet was mainly raw milk, cheese, butter and a fermented rye bread made in huge loaves. I don’t know how I would manage there, as I don’t eat grains or dairy, but these folks thrived on this nutrient dense food.

Another culture he studied was the South Pacific natives who thrived on seafood, roots and tubers. There was a culture in Africa that ate mainly plant foods and some insects. There was another culture in Africa that ate mainly raw milk and cow blood.

The Gaelic from the Outer Hebrides ate cod livers stuffed with oats that they grew.

The point is that all the cultures he studied were eating very different diets. However, they did share some similarities — they all had one or two sacred foods that were critically necessary for their fertility and the health of their children.

This can be applied to our health today

There is no one perfect diet for everyone. We all have to search for the perfect diet for ourselves and that perfect diet may change and evolve over time. However, there are certain principles of a healthy diet that apply to many of the eating approaches we have today.

What we need to look for are the commonalities in these diets that make these diets healthy. We need to share this information.

As you may know if you read this blog, I am an advocate for the principles of the Weston Price Foundation. I also advocate a grain-free Paleo diet and the SCD and GAPS diets for healing. Some people have to stay on these restricted diets for a long time — others can heal quickly and move on to incorporate a greater variety of foods.

Some people do poorly on these restricted diets. Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride acknowledges this and urges people to try to move through the stages of GAPS as quickly as possible. These folks need to find their own perfect diet.

Even Chris Kresser, in his new book The Personal Paleo Code advocates exploring real foods outside the strict Paleo guidelines because he acknowledges that we are all different in our metabolic needs.

You Can Get Help

Your body has an innate wisdom when it comes to food and health. The goal of the Future of Nutrition Online Conference is to educate you about the wide variety of nutritional possibilities so that you can fulfill your own personal metabolic potential.

This conference honors all of the nutritional approaches  — inviting innovation and new ideas — if you want to be at the cutting edge of nutrition, health and personal transformation — you need to be here.

The conference features over 50 experts and thought leaders from a variety of approaches  — each with something fresh and compelling to share. There is something important to learn from each and every speaker from these diverse backgrounds.

I can’t wait to hear all these speakers — many of whom I am not familiar with. Which is why I am so excited about this conference — there will be lots of NEW material. I purchase the package and load it on my phone. I will have hours of listening while I am cycling, walking or at the gym. I also listen in the kitchen while I am cooking. It keeps me on my toes and you can do the same!

The field of nutrition is exploding with ideas and science!

See all the Speakers Here

This is going to be a conversation where all the experts are heard and you get to identify which approach can work for you.

There are so many topics: the science of nutrition, the energetics of food, the addictive brain, the animal-free diet, the ancestral approach, new clinical insights, the power of the gut microbiome, nutrition and immunity, dieting and metabolism, the future of supplementation, and so much more.

You will be able to discover the correct nutrition for your self.

See the Entire Syllabus here

You can sign up for free!

Sign up here

  • Date: January 27 – 31, 2014
  • Price: FREE
  • Where: Sign up here

I’ll see you there!

This event is structured like many of the online summits — during the event, each day will feature several different speakers (in this case there will be quite a few each day) that you can view for free.

If you don’t think you will be able to see all the speakers you would like to — you may want to purchase the entire package BEFORE the event at the lowest pre-event price.

  • Preorder purchase price before the first day of the conference: $99 (ends 1/26/14)
  • Purchase price during the conference week: $149 (ends 1/31/14)
  • Purchase price after the conclusion of the conference: $249

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Join the fun Giveaway!

The producers of The Future of Nutrition Conference are hosting a giveaway that is open until Wednesday at 4pm EST.

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Leave a comment saying what are you most looking forward to about this unique event. In other words, what has you inspired, or which expert do you look forward to hearing from the most, and why. By posting a response in the comment section, you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to win a full Conference Package with videos, audios and transcripts for all 50+ interviews for FREE.

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If you purchase the Conference Package and win the giveaway you will be refunded your money.

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