Video/Recipe: Whey and Yogurt Cheese


Jan 22

Yogurt is one of the most “value added” foods you can made at home. In my previous video I showed you how simple it is to make yogurt at home from the best milk available. You can take this one step further by dripping the yogurt to produce two more valuable, cultured food items. They are whey and yogurt cheese. Whey is the liquid that drips out of the yogurt and may be used as an inoculate for many other fermented items. It contains billions of beneficial bacteria. Yogurt cheese is the solid mass left after the whey is dripped out. It, too, is full of beneficial bacteria and is delicious!

Many people that have trouble digesting milk (even raw milk) may be able to tolerate dripped yogurt or yogurt cheese. This is true for people on the SCD or GAPS diets who may be sensitive to dairy. As they are slowly reintroducing dairy foods, dripped yogurt may be one of the first products to try. I myself find that I can tolerate dripped yogurt better than full yogurt.

Whey and Yogurt Cheese



  • Drip bag that comes with some yogurt makers or 8 layers of cheese cloth
  • strainer
  • large bowl


  1. Take one quart of your homemade yogurt
  2. Place the strainer over the bowl
  3. Place the yogurt in the bag or on the 8 layers of cheesecloth that you placed on top of the strainer
  4. Let drip for 5 – 7 hours
  5. This may be left on the counter or refrigerated
  6. Make sure the liquid dripping out is clear
  7. If it is not clear you need to add more layers of cheesecloth
  8. After it is done scrap the cheese out of the bag, wrap and refrigerate
  9. Place the whey in a jar and save in the refrigerator
  10. Whey can last several months refrigerated

Where to buy the Yogourmet Yogurt Maker

Where to buy start cultures

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