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With the new year right around the corner I like to evaluate which articles were viewed the most this year. Here are the top 6 from Real Food Forager that makes for some very interesting reading.


Why I NEVER Use Agave

I’ve noticed that many people use agave in their recipes even though they are Real Foodies. I just think they may not have heard the truth about agave.  Agave is one of the greatest frauds perpetrated on the American people. The high levels of synthesized fructose in agave put people at risk for obesity, heart disease, arterial inflammation, high blood pressure and increased insulin resistance.


5 Reasons to Make Sourdough Your ONLY Bread

I’ll never forget the first time I ate sourdough bread in, of all places, San Francisco. My dear friend Sue and I were college grads on a cross country adventure. We found ourselves across the bay, in Sausalito, enjoying the shops and streets filled with people on a brilliant summer day. Strolling along, we passed a bakery emanating the siren smells of fresh baked bread. It beckoned us in.

We purchased a huge loaf of the famous San Francisco sourdough. Once started, we couldn’t stop eating that amazing bread — had to cancel dinner plans as we were stuffed with sourdough! Since then, it’s been an unrequited love affair (because I’m mainly grain-free) between sourdough and I.


Oxalate: 4 Reasons to Avoid It

Oxalates are very powerful oxidants that initiate free radicals. I’ve talked about oxidants and anti-oxidants several times and so you probably know that oxidants are very dangerous highly reactive molecules that cause tissue damage. Oxalates are present all the time and the body usually disposes of them through the stools. It is when there are underlying conditions in the body that things go awry.


Mercury Amalgam Fillings: What Dr. Oz Did NOT Tell You

In spite of the fact that mercury is one of the most toxic substances on this earth, 47% of dentists in this country are still using mercury amalgam restorations in teeth.

fermented cabbage juice

6 Reasons to Drink Fermented Cabbage Juice

In naturopathic medicine, it is common knowledge that vitamin U is the compound in cabbage juice that has tremendous healing properties.  Much like Dr. Price’s X Factor (identified as vitamin K2), it has since been identified as S methylmethionine (SMM).

Chicken Feet

3 Super Foods to Improve Bone and Joint Health

Traditional cultures the world over have included bone broth in their daily diets. Perhaps your grandmother knew that “good broth will resurrect the dead,” (a South American proverb). I remember my mother making chicken soup with a freshly slaughtered chicken from the local butcher with all the organs and the feet. The feet are essential for a broth that will have a lot of collagen and gelatin.

It appears that my readers really want to know things that are not in the mainstream media. What topics would you like me to write about? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  • Norma Tumberg December 30, 2013, 10:55 am

    I am totally confused on this agave nectar. This company insists their agave is raw. Do you have any input?
    Thank you

  • Jill December 30, 2013, 3:21 pm

    I would trust Wilderness on the rawness issue, but that doesn’t make agave any better — it is still higher in fructose.

  • Carol January 1, 2014, 1:59 pm

    In your “best of” post on sourdough, you mentioned a second article with more info. It might have been nice to have that link as well to read it also…..I’m just starting into the fermenting bit. Unfortunately, I live in a house built in 1945, with almost no insulation, no electric heat: only an oil furnace. In the winter when it is on, it blows the mold spores that get in from outside around and contaminates my fermenting products ( tried kombucha and water kefir) The sauerkraut seemed ok, but one batch kept near the furnace outlet did form mold… I think that sourdough might be the same. I’ll try again this summer when my heat is off…

  • Carol January 1, 2014, 2:03 pm

    OOPS! I guess I skimmed a bit…. the link IS there!!!