The True Cause of Heart Disease and What to Do About It

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Sep 30
The True Cause of Heart Disease and What to Do About It, root canal teeth

Dr. Thomas Levy is a cardiologist, attorney, author and speaker. In an interview, I heard him speak about the true cause of heart disease and what to do about it.

He gave a very clear explanation that conventional medicine does not acknowledge.

The True Cause of Heart Disease and What to Do About It

According to Dr. Levy, the cause of ALL chronic disease is due to increased oxidative stress.

The state of increased oxidative stress IS THE DISEASE.

I have written many times in the past about the fact that underlying all the complexities of disease, is oxidative stress.

If your redox balance is out of balance – that is, if you have free electrons floating around creating free radicals – this is a state of oxidative stress. When tissues and molecules are oxidized, inflammation develops and then disease develops.

What causes the increase in oxidation is a very complex matter and has to do with environmental exposures, foods, triggers, genetics, microbiome, as well as your general state of health.

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Powerful Toxin Neutralizers

Vitamin C is perhaps the most powerful anti-oxidant.

All toxins cause a pro-oxidative effect in the tissues – that is, they cause biomolecules to oxidize. They take electrons out of biomolecules and cause them to oxidize. Vitamin C will quench this reaction and protect the tissue.

According to Dr. Levy, oxidative stress is the underlying cause of all chronic degenerative diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

But what is the relationship of these diseases to the mouth?

Root Canal Tooth and Chronic Disease

According to Dr. Levy (and many other holistic and functional medicine doctors) the root canal procedure is a “fatally flawed procedure” and will always result in an infected tooth.

Root canal treated teeth are the source of chronic infections.

They are full of potent toxins made from anaerobic bacteria that are still living in the dead tooth. Essentially, they are dead teeth that remain in the mouth.

Why is this done?

Obviously, it is done to save the tooth, but the long term consequences can devastate a person’s health.

Many dentists have studied root canal teeth and have found toxins even more potent than botulism toxin.

Dr. Hal Huggins has been a very verbal proponent against root canal.

Additionally, in the past, Dr. Weston Price wrote strongly against root canals, as his research showed that when a root canal tooth was extracted and placed under the skin of a rabbit – the rabbit developed the very same disease as the person with the root canal.

Also Dr. Boyd Haley analyzed over 5,000 root canal teeth – compared to non-root canal teeth. He found that only the root canal teeth contain toxins.

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Tooth pain diminishes after a root canal, because the vital pulp and nerve tissue is removed and with it all the pain receptors. We know that root canal teeth are infected because there is no way to totally sterilize the tooth.

Teeth are made of thousands of tubules that, when spread out, are the size of a tennis court.

Anaerobic bacteria get trapped in the root canal tooth.

Find out why I pulled a root canal tooth and my options to replace it.

The Connection Between Dental Health and Disease

This research published in the journal Circulation in 2013 studied the bacterial DNA of blood clots (thrombus) from patients who had a myocardial infarction and analyzed them.

They found that the blood clots contained pathogens that are typically found in root canals.

This is astounding and show a direct association between oral infections and heart disease!

The researchers state,

Bacterial DNA typical for endodontic infection, mainly oral viridans streptococci, was measured in 78.2% of thrombi, and periodontal pathogens were measured in 34.7%.

The researchers concluded,

Dental infection and oral bacteria, especially viridans streptococci, may be associated with the development of acute coronary thrombosis.

This is cause and effect.

Plaque inside the arteries also shows the same pathogen profiles as well as ruptured aneurysms. The more advanced the coronary artery disease the more pathogens were found.

According to Dr. Levy root canals and infected gums are the greatest cause of heart disease then any other reason – including CHOLESTEROL (which is a non issues)!

Find out more about why cholesterol is not the main issue in heart disease.

Most root canals are preformed on larger molars.

When you chew, the root canal teeth are still connected (in jaw bone) to a veinous drainage system and lymphatic drainage system.

Every time you chew, you express pathogens and toxins into the veinous blood system which has very low pressure. There is nothing pushing them into the vascular walls.

When they make their way to the left ventricle – this puts the toxins into a high pressure system. The coronary artery is the first vascular wall in which high pressure is present and can push the toxins into the endothelial layer of the artery.

This is why the coronary artery is inflamed.

Even conventional medicine acknowledges that inflammation of the arterial wall is at the root of all coronary artery disease.

The next question has to be – why do they get inflamed?

The answer is that the patient has dental toxicity which is seeding these blood vessels, as explained above.

We all know of someone who has no cardiovascular risk factors – yet may suffer from a sudden myocardial infarction.

This is not an “unlucky” person.

They have inflammation in the coronary artery which has developed from a root canal or gum disease. There may also be infected tonsils or even a person who is chronically constipated.

Once you have coronary artery inflammation, all the other risk factors may come into play, such as increase small dense LDL, oxidized LDL, etc. These have effects, but the infection and toxicity in the mouth is the initiating factor.

It is complex because most people do not make the connection between something done in their mouth – maybe 20 or 30 years previously – and their experience with disease.

Dr. Levy’s Protocol for Chronic Disease

See Dr. Thomas Lev’s book, Death by Calcium for the full protocol.

First of all, stop the daily formation of new toxins – this means to clean up the diet and environment, etc.

Tonsil are very much involved with isolated chronic infections so you have to consider that if you still have tonsils. Some doctors also remove tonsils as well as root canal teeth.

Hormones, especially estrogen and testosterone must be in balance.

Constipation can cause an enormous amount of toxicity. You must get your bowels moving. This is even more important than eating organic food. Make sure your digestive system is working well.

If you try to detox and still are having trouble eliminating, you can have serious health consequences. At least one bowel movement a day is critical for good health. Some clinicians feel that two to three bowel movements a day is healthy.

Strong Antioxidants

  • Vitamin C – tops the list and gets into all the tissues of the body and can regenerate antioxidants in the cell membrane
  • B Vitamins
  • Vitamin E and A
  • Vitamins D – check your blood levels before supplementing

Vitamin C comes in various forms. You can use the liposomal capsulated form which gets directly into the cell. There is also Vitamin C powder such as sodium ascorbate or ascorbyl palmitate. There is also IV Vitamin C if you have a clinician that provides this.

In addition, eat clean whole foods, and get proper hydration.

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