The Future of Medicine is the Microbiome

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Feb 23

The Human Genome Project has identified the twenty thousand (+) genes in the human body. However, you may be shocked (or surprised) to find out that this project also informed us that there are 10 times that amount of bacterial DNA in each and every one of us.

That makes us more microbe than human. Perhaps we are just walking containers for the bacteria – many of whom are essential to human life.

The Future of Medicine is the Microbiome

For instance, this study published in the journal Cell Host & Microbe in 2016, outlines how the gut microbiome – also known as the second brain, as well as the second genome may soon be characterized by composition and function for each individual.

This will lead to superior individual diagnostic assessment, disease prevention and fine-tuned treatment options. This personalized modulation of a person’s microbiome is the future of medicine.

Are you excited yet?

The implications are mind boggling. This means that treatments for any number of chronic diseases will be focused on evaluating the patient’s gut bacteria and fashioning a treatment program specific to those findings.

The first phase of the National Institute of Health Human Microbiome Project (2008-2012) focused on the composition and diversity of the human microbiome in health. They also sort to correlate taxonomic and functional features of the microbiome associated with specific diseases. They found that the human microbiome has a great amount of diversity.

This leads to the second phase of the project that will further investigate the role of the human microbiome in health and disease and will evaluate three models:

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Bowel disease (IBD)
  3. Respiratory viral infection and onset of type 2 diabetes

The study subjects will be followed for three years and will further information and understanding of host/microbiome interactions.

I’m geeking out over all this incredible research going on – nutritionists have known for years how critical a healthy gut balance is to human health and now we are getting information that we can apply to real patients! That mean you and me!

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