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Feb 27

The USDA is asking for comments on the issue of co-existence. This is a new topic based on the assumption that GMO and non-GMO crops can coexist in the same area. However, this has been proven to be impossible. Once again, they are creating problems for farmers who are trying to do the right thing. Once again, they are making it very very hard to grow pure, unadulterated food!

Submit Comments on Proposed Coexistence with GMOs

It’s a fact.

Farmers’ crops have been contaminated with genetically engineered crops, also known as GMOs. And as long as the U.S. allows GMOs to be planted, this will continue and likely increase.

Farmers who don’t want to grow GMO crops face significant burdens. To protect their crops, farmers must establish wide buffer zones, losing the use of significant amounts of land. They spend time and extra money to find non-GMO seeds. And if they are contaminated despite their efforts, they lose sales in organic and non-GMO markets. And may even get sued by GMO seed companies as we have seen.

Who is responsible for GMO contamination?

In 2011, the USDA convened an advisory committee to discuss the issue. The topic was labeled coexistence, based on the assumption that GMO and non-GMO crops can coexist in the same area. But that’s already been proven false: non-GMO farmers are inevitably harmed by pollen that is blown or carried onto their farms, GMO material caught in harvesting and cleaning equipment, and the numerous other ways that contamination occurs.

The advisory committee recommended that farmers buy crop insurance to cover the costs of unwanted GMO contamination.

Are they kidding?

How is this fair?

I’m trying hard not to rant here!

Organic and other non-GMO producers would have to spend even more money to protect themselves, while the companies that profit from GMOs would continue to escape their responsibility for GMO contamination prevention and compensation.

USDA is now asking for comments from the public on the issue of coexistence.

Tell them it’s time to take steps to prevent contamination and put the costs where they belong!

The deadline is midnight Tuesday, March 4!



Please help by taking a few minutes to comment now! The deadline is midnight Tuesday, March 4!

Thank you Farm-ToConsumer-Legal-Defense-Fund!

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