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Jan 07

Our current agricultural paradigm of “killing” weeds with powerful chemicals has created a new generation of resistant weeds — super weeds. The chemical companies — specifically Dow Chemical — maker of Agent Orange, Dursban and Napalm has transitioned over to the food industry with a new, super powerful chemical that will address these super weeds.

This new chemical is a toxic herbicide known as 2,4-D. It is designed to kill these super weeds for crops specifically engineered to survive repeated sprayings. This 2,4-D is half of the highly toxic mixture we know as Agent Orange.

Agent Orange Devastated Vietnam

Agent Orange was the chemical defoliant used by the US army in Vietnam. It has been found to cause permanent environmental damage — but more critical — it has been found to cause serious medical conditions in anyone — the American veterans who served in Vietnam and the Vietnamese people. It has caused very serious medical conditions like immune problems, neurological problems, endocrine disruption, reproductive problems and cancer (just to mention a few) in anyone exposed to it.

Now they are engineering corn and soy to resist these harsh disease producing chemicals in repeated sprayings.

It has been predicted that using chemicals to try to kill weeds will only lead to resistance and so it has. This is now the next generation. Once the weeds begin to resist these repeated sprayings they will most likely come up with another generation of genetically modified corn and soy to resist yet more toxic agents.

These genetically engineered corn and soy crops are as deadly as the chemicals they are sprayed with.

Escalating Chemical Warfare Across America

Where is this headed?

This is an escalating chemical warfare race against American soil. The use of these new GM crops will cause an increase in the use of 2,4-D. This will increase our exposure to more harmful chemicals that will end up in the food supply and will further damage the soil. No one has investigated the health repercussions of this.

Using a more toxic chemical is only a temporary solution to an escalating problem caused by the very companies who are pretending they are the solution to the problem. Frankly, they are probably very pleased that the problem of super weeds has emerged. It allows them to create more and more toxic chemicals that need to be used repeatedly and are bad for the soil and the people — but great for their bottom line.

We know how toxic glyphosate (from Roundup) is. And we know how toxic Agent Orange is.  Sadly there seems to be no one protecting the people.

This new application for the chemical from Agent Orange, 2,4-D, is contaminated with dioxins — recognized as the most toxic substance known. The EPA has reported that 2,4-D is the seventh largest source of dioxins in the US. Dioxin contamination in the rivers and soil around Dow Chemical headquarters in Michigan has led to the highest dioxin levels ever found by the EPA in fish. This has been linked to breast cancer in the contaminated areas.

One would think the EPA would take a stand on this! Yet another government agency that is NOT protecting the people!

We need to stop this insanity!


The USDA has just released its draft environmental impact statement and announced a 45 day public comment period on these new crops.

Tell the USDA and President Obama to reject Dow Chemical’s Agent Orange crops!

What You Can Do to Help

Sign the petition to reject Dow Chemical’s “Agent Orange” crops!

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