Tell EPA to Stop Killing Bees!

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May 22

The EPA is supposed to protect our environment and all the critters who live there. Once again, they are failing to do their job.

We are in dire straits with bee populations being killed off from systemic insecticides like neonicotinoids. But instead of banning them, the EPA is proposing to expand the use of two such toxins, thiamethoxam and sulfoxaflor.

There is a public comment period open until May 27th! We have just a few days left to have our voices heard over this critical issue!

Bees are critical to our food supply as their are primary pollinators of most of our crops. Without them we wouldn’t have foods like almonds, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, squash, beans, cucumber, carrot and so many others.

The European Union has already suspended the use of thiamethoxam because it may potentially harm honeybees. Here in the US the Center for Food Safety has sued the EPA to suspend the use of thiamethoxam.

EPA Being Sued Over Neonicotinoids

Additionally, some of the nation’s largest beekeeping associations have sued the EPA and Dow Chemical to remove sulfoxaflor from the market. Said one beekeeper,

Our country depends on bees for crop pollination and honey production.  It’s time for EPA to recognize the value of bees to our food system and agricultural economy.

There have been several recent large bee kills that have been linked to the toxic insecticides used. Bees are not the only ones suffering losses from pesticides. The monarch butterfly  populations are also being decimated by pesticides and they are pollinators as well.

Do You Use Almonds and Almond Flour?

I am very concerned about this issue and if you use almond flour and eat almonds you should be too. The California almond growers have had several years of challenges due to the diminishing bee populations. When it’s time to pollinate the almond trees, beekeepers bring billions of bees from across the country to pollinate the orchards.

However, due to 50% losses in the bee populations, there are not enough bees to pollinate the almond orchards, leaving the growers high and dry. This can cause a decrease in the supply and a rise in prices.

If you are grain free, you probably use almonds a lot.

But beyond that issue, the most pressing problem is the continued use of toxic neonicotinoid pesticides that have been shown to cause Colony Collapse Disorder, which is destroying bee populations.

Please take 2 seconds and tell the EPA to STOP KILLING BEES!

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