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May 16

Supermoms Against Superbugs is a group of parents, pediatricians, chefs and organic farmers who converged on Capitol Hill this past Tuesday for Supermoms Against Superbugs Advocacy Day. They were there to ask the federal government (yet again) to limit the (mis) use of antibiotics in livestock, in hopes of curbing antibiotic resistance and protecting children’s health.

Human antibiotics are used for animals for non-therapeutic purposes

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 80 percent of antibiotics are given to food animals — mainly for growth promotion or disease prevention rather than for treatment. Overall, the more antibiotics used, experts warn, the more microbes become resistant to those drugs. Additionally, more people will be exposed to drug residues and drug-resistant genes in their food, water and the environment. It’s survival of the fittest at a microscopic level.

Dr. Cecilia Di Pentima, an infectious disease pediatrician at Vanderbilt University, has also joined Supermoms Against Superbugs in D.C. to share the tragic consequences she witnesses on a daily basis in her clinical practice — from MRSA to other dangerous infections, such as vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus and multi-drug resistant, gram-negative bacteria. She said,

We’re failing as a society in preserving antibiotics, and we’re paying for it… For us, it’s a daily struggle with very sick kids. Even healthy kids who have never been in a hospital can come in with infections resistant to almost all antibiotics.

She and other doctors now frequently need to resort to either higher doses of drugs, more toxic drugs or both. Di Pentima said that she is seeing increased rates of kidney failure as a result. In the worst cases, there might be no alternatives at all.

FDA on the job — NOT!

In January, the FDA prohibited certain uses of cephalosporins in cattle, swine, chickens and turkeys. However, new guidelines released last month ask pork, beef and poultry producers to stop using antibiotics voluntarily for fattening up their livestock. As usual, the FDA falls short of protecting public health — that is simply not enough.

Tragedy strikes families

In 2004, Everly Macario’s one and a half year old son died from methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Macario suggested that Simon really died as a “direct result of all of us misusing and overusing antibiotics” in both humans and food animals. Macario, is a co-founder of the MRSA Research Center. Their goal is to get Congress to act now on this urgent issue. Macario said,

We’re going to ask whoever we meet with on Capitol Hill to help support legislation that will reduce misuse and overuse of antibiotics in industrial food animal farms, because that is contributing to antibiotic resistance in a major way … if we don’t do something about it, more children are going to die. That’s a fact.

You can help by  participating with the Supermoms virtually via Facebook and Twitter, and of course with consumer demand. Buy meat and eggs from farms that don’t use antibiotics. When you go to restaurants, demand food that is raised without antibiotics. Ultimately, consumer demand is going to drive change.

Provide beneficial bacteria that can protect your children

The solution to this dangerous and urgent problem is to make sure you are getting enough beneficial bacteria on a daily basis to keep your body healthy. These bacteria will protect you from the pathogens you may come in contact with whether you live on a farm, in a city, work in a hospital (where the most bacteria lurk) or in a school (another breeding ground).

The most important change you can make is to start providing beneficial bacteria in the form of fermented foods. Our food supply is tainted and the best way to protect our health is by making sure we have a good balance of beneficial bacteria in our gut that will protect us from these pathogens.

Never be unsure again

Does fermenting food make you nervous — unsure that it is “right”? Take Jenny’s Get Cultured class on How To Ferment Anything and you will never be nervous again. You will feel confident and proud.

Protect your family — Get Cultured!

The best way to reinoculate ourselves with beneficial bacteria is to eat cultured foods. Most foods can be fermented — their shelf live lengthened without chemical preservatives, and most importantly, the beneficial bacteria is created.

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