Super Bowl Sunday — Real Food Fare


Jan 31

Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner and people have a chance to get together with friends to cheer on their team. Frankly, I think they like these parties more for the food than for football. All the news stations have celebrity chefs on board to demonstrate lots of classic Super Bowl Sunday dishes, like nachos, chips, chili, franks, etc. Here’s a twist on the conventional stuff —  Bowl Sunday Real Food Fare! Check out these great recipes from around the real food blogosphere!

Some of the recipes are grain-free and appropriate for the GAPS diet. Even if you are not following any specific diet — just eating real food — party time can be trying if you want to avoid the processed foods and rancid oils that are typical party fare. Here is a fabulous collection of the wisdom and great eats in the real food world. I’m coming to this party!






What are you all cooking? Leave and comment and let me know!

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