Start the New Year with Strong Resolve and Get the Answer to the Million Dollar Question!

Start the New Year with Strong Resolve and Get the Answer to the Million Dollar Question! post image

You’ve probably made some new year resolutions this year. The most common have to do with weight and health. So here is the million dollar question – do you lose weight first and then get healthy or do you get healthy and then lose weight?

This is the question I address in my interview with Suz Crawl in the Unconventional Weight Loss Convention. You can hear this interview for FREE when the summit starts on January 4th!

I’m very pleased to say that I am in good company in this convention. There will be many interviews with experts that I really enjoy listening to and learning from.

Some of these folks include:

  • Nora Gedgaudas (author and health specialist)
  • Dr. Cory Schuler (functional medicine practitioner)
  • Jonathan Bailor (best selling author)
  • Dr. Bryan Walsh (naturopathic physician)
  • Jimmy Moore (author)
  • Marc David (Institute for the Psychology of Eating)
  • Matt Stone (health researcher and author)

And there are many others who have had very successful weigh loss experiences!

Weight Loss Involves Much More than Just Eating Less and Moving More

The Unconventional Weight Loss Convention has a diverse selection of speakers each day who will address the multidimensional factors involved in weight, health and feeling good about yourself.

If you are feeling trapped in a tangled web of issues around weight, then listening to these interviews would be a great place to start.

Many of the speakers have lost massive amounts of weight and have been successful keeping it off. Let their experience and advice guide you on your personal journey.

If you are interested in losing weight the right way – so you can keep it off, then you may want to consider joining us in the Unconventional Weight Loss Convention. Here’s what you need to know:

It will run January 4 – 11, 2015.

It’s FREE during those dates. Each day 3 to 4 speakers will be released for a 24 hour period starting at 10 am EST.


If you decide to purchase the event, you will also enjoy an incredible array of bonuses that are worth more than the event itself!

Check out the incredible bonuses here (scroll down).


PS – Did I tell you I will also be speaking about the specific foods that will help? I’m really excited about this interview and hope to get your feedback!

If you already know you want to purchase the event click here.

Double Bonus

When you purchase through my link, you will also receive my complete e-course, Go Grain Free. It is a self paced on-line class with over 80 videos and over 150 recipes! It’s retail is 199.00 so it’s a no-brainer! The value of this class alone far exceeds all the other materials you will receive!

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