Sale Extended Through April 24 — One Last Day on E-Book Bundle!

Sale Extended Through April 24 — One Last Day on E-Book Bundle! post image

This is truly the last day to save over 90% on the Village Green Network Bloggers super E-Book Bundle! If you thought you missed the sale — I just want to let you know that it has been extened another day!  Hurry! After 11:59 tonight (Wednesday — PST) the offer will be gone for good.

This e-book bundle is the value of the year! This is a tool that will help you realize the resolutions you made to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Ann Marie Michaels of the Village Green Network has organized the e-books from 29 brilliant writers of very well known blogs that you know and love, into an e-book bundle that is an incredible value!

In one purchase of only $39.00 you will get the wisdom of your favorite real foodie bloggers in 30 e-books. Yes that is correct — 30 e-books for a mere $39.00! That’s less that $1.50 per book!

If you are truly ready to move forward with your health, this book bundle is just the item that will help you along. The books cover all aspects of a truly healthy lifestyle; from real food nutrition (of course!), to fitness, baby, sleep, organic gardening and DIY personal and home care products and so much more!

What Would You Like To Accomplish? Here are Some of the Topics Included in this E-Book Bundle:

  • Grain-free recipes for food, breakfast, lunches, breads, snacks, desserts, tea and treats — there are at least 9 e-books that specifically deal with grain-free, gluten-free eating
  • Real food and how to start transitioning into this way of eating — there are over 12 e-books that deal with introduction to real food eating, how to stock your pantry, what ingredients to avoid, what foods may be new to you and how to make them, easy real food recipes and so much more
  • Concepts behind real food eating so that you understand what you are doing and why
  • Non-toxic personal care and home cleaning products
  • Natural and dietary remedies for major and minor ailments
  • Skin care from a real food perspective 90 off
  • Homesteading and gardening
  • Nourishment for babies and children
  • And so much more

cover2   In my E-Book, Grain-Free Breads, Snacks and Desserts Share With You:

  • How to bake with gluten-free, grain-free flours in place of wheat — Working with grain-free flours is very different than working with wheat and other grains. It is not a 1 to 1 substitution. It’s best to use established recipes and learn how the flours work in these before trying to convert conventional recipes.
  • How to properly prepare nuts and seeds for easy digestion and use in recipes. Nuts and seeds have enzyme inhibitors, lectins and phytates that prevent absorption of the nutrients in the nut. If they are not properly prepared, they will be an anti-nutrient and may cause digestive distress.
  • How to create snacks and treats that actually provide nutrients and are a positive addition to the diet — not a negative. Many of the  snacks and desserts are actually made with vegetables and fruits that add nutrition. I’ve taken care to use as little sweetener as possible to get a good tasting product. The main sweeteners are honey, stevia and dates.
  • How to replace dairy products in your breads, snacks and desserts with nutrient rich and delicious coconut milk and coconut cream.
  • How to prepare food from the simplest and purest possible ingredients. I’ve included a chapter with recipes for the staples you will need for additive-free baking. They are easy to make at home and will save you money.
  • How to create delicious grain-free products without the use of any artificial additives, leavening agents or refined sweeteners. I’ve developed these recipes without the use of any starchy leavening products, additives or refined sweeteners (including cane sugar). All are appropriate for Paleo and GAPS and most are appropriate for SCD (with the exception of the chocolate recipes).

Click Here to See Other Grain-Free Books Included in the Bundle

What is the E-Book Wellness Bundle?

      • 30 ebooks with a total value of $479
      • On sale for 7 days only – April 17 – April 23
      • Sale price of only $39 – over 90% savings of the total value!

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Download all 30 e-books now for this LOW price and read them at your leisure — on your Kindle, iPad, iPhone or computer.

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30 E-Books for only $39! Click here to Order!

90 off

How do I receive my eBooks?

After your purchase has been completed, you will receive an automatic email containing a link to a password-protected page where you can download the e-books, along with your username and password.

How do I download them to my computer?

In the email that you receive, there will be a link to all of the e-books. For faster and easier downloading, they have been put  together into .zip files. Simply download the .zip file onto your computer, then you can open those files up and you’ll find all of the e-books, which you can then save into the appropriate files on your computer.

It’s so easy, convenient and cheap! It’s a no-brainer!

Hurry! Don’t miss this opportunity to save HUGE! On sale through April 23! After that it’s done!

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