Review: Quit PMS, End Your Menstrual Misery

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Sep 08

Do you have painful menstrual periods and PMS? If so, Quit PMS by Lauren Geersten of Empowered Sustenance is the book you need to read. Lauren has learned through trial and error how to manage her debilitating periods. You don’t have to go through that anymore — she has many solutions for you.

Food Is the Basis for Recovery

Food is the basis for recovering hormonal balance and a decrease in symptoms. Food can be very powerful — and may help the situation or hinder improvement.

As you may guess, a chapter in the book called “Good Period Foods” include good fats, organ meats, eggs, raw milk and other real foods. The chapter in the book called “Bad Period Foods” include vegetable oils, soy, certain raw goitrogenic vegetables, processed foods in general among other foods.

There are many other foods that are explained for their good or bad influence on hormonal balance.

Estrogen Dominance

Estrogen dominance is the underlying issue when female hormones are out of balance. This causes symptoms such as cramping, bloating, acne, weight gain and mood swings. It can also apply to women in menopause as there are many things that can cause progesterone to diminish as you age, leaving estrogen dominant and out of balance.

Quit PMS explains all that in easy to understand language.

Supplements and Other Alternative Techniques and Therapies

Quit PMS has tons of information about herbs and supplements that may be applicable, as well as startling facts about birth control pills, and hormone replacement therapy. There is also a discussion about the many alternative techniques that may be used for stress reduction and hormone balancing. If it’s useful for PMS, it’s in this book!

Detox and Elimination

Detoxification and proper elimination are keys to creating hormonal balance. In Quit PMS there is an entire chapter that addresses this issue with suggestions for safe, gentle and effective procedures for a healthy detox experience.

Acne is Addressed

Quit PMS has a chapter for quite a few very useful home treatments for the cystic acne that may accompany PMS and hormone imbalances. This chapter is a book in and of itself with so many suggestions you will be delighted.

Recipes Galore

Doesn’t this look like an awesome idea for a grain-free breakfast? I love this recipe!

squash porridge

Butternut Squash Porridge


There are tons of recipes for the “good Period Foods” that are recommended. Doesn’t this Lemon Mousse look gorgeous? And it is so easy to make!


lemon mousse

Lemon Mousse


Let’s not forget nutrient dense foods like organ meats as well. This recipe is for liver pate that is heavenly!


Liver pate

Liver Pate


The over 150 pages of this e-book are filled with information and extremely useful solutions for the problem of PMS and hormonal imbalance.

Menopause Symptoms May Also Respond

As a woman of a certain age, I found many useful suggestions that also apply to the symptoms of menopause that I experience. It’s worth every penny of the low retail price.

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