Where can I get raw milk? What is the best cod liver oil? These are the kinds of questions we Real Food Media bloggers get every day. So, we created this page to provide our readers with resources for cooking and learning about traditional and slow foods.

What follows is a list of companies, farms, and non-profit organizations, sponsors of Real Food Media, that we wholeheartedly recommend. I want to make it clear that the links below are paid advertisements. The links below are “pay-per-click” and I do earn a small amount of money when you click on the links below. The money I earn keeps me blogging, and bringing my readers information about real food.

However, we at Real Food Media are highly selective and will never include anyone we don’t fully endorse. All the listings on this page are reputable, trustworthy and good people we feel very blessed to know — and they wouldn’t be on this list if we didn’t believe in them.

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Real Food Resources

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Food & Supplements
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Butter Fermented Food Starters Snack Foods
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Coconut Products Fruits & Vegetables Sweeteners
Condiments Meat Tea & Herbs
Cookies & Bars Milk & Cream Yogurt & Kefir
Eggs Nuts, Nut Butters & Seeds Salt & Spices
Other Resources
Books & Periodicals Kitchen Tools & Appliances
CDs, DVDs & MP3s Menus & Recipes
Classes & Educational Materials Non-Profit Organizations
Cleaning Products Personal Care
Cloth Diapers Services
Farm & Homestead Water Purification
Gardening Supplies & Seeds



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Coconut Products


Cookies & Bars


Fats & Oils

Fermented Vegetables

Fermented Food Starters

Flours, Grains & Legumes

Fruits & Vegetables


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Nuts, Nut Butters & Seeds

Pet & Livestock Food

Salt & Spices


Snack Foods

Supplements & Superfoods


Tea & Herbs

Yogurt & Kefir


Books & Periodicals

CDs, DVDs & MP3s

Classes & Educational Materials

Cleaning Products

Cloth Diapers

Farm & Homestead

Garden Supplies & Seeds

Kitchen Tools & Appliances

Menus & Recipes

Non-Profit Organizations

Personal Care


Water Purification

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Can’t find something on the Resource Page above? Click here to find items and products that I recommend that are not on this Resource Page.


What If There Are No Listings Under A Category?

If you don’t see anything under a category, it means we either don’t have a sponsor or they are not showing up at the current time. Please check back; we are adding more listings all the time.

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Local Listings

We love to support local food! Under each category you may see companies that are local to you. Some of these are “geo-targeted” listings that will only show up for people in your local area. In other words, if you look at the site in another city or state, you may not see the listing. This is a way to help smaller sponsors advertise in their local communities, or just in the states where they sell their products or services.

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