Reminder: March on Monsanto Today May 25th — Everywhere!

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May 24

Today, Saturday, May 25th there will be a march, world wide, showing opposition to what Monsanto and similar companies are doing to the food supply and the earth. Go here to find a location near you. This is a critically important event that will show these unscrupulous companies that we mean to stop them in their tracks. Let’s take back our planet! Please help if you can.

There are many reasons to March

  • Research has clearly shown that toxins in genetically modified plants may lead to serious effects in mammals.
  • It is now common knowledge that the FDA is a revolving door of Monsanto executives and lawyers. This conflict of interest clearly illustrates the reasons why our government supports this biotech company in spite of public and scientific outcry.
  • The Monsanto Protection Act passed through congress.  This bill effectively protects Monsanto and bans courts from halting the sale of Monsanto’s genetically-modified seeds.
  • We need to stop the giant spider reach of Monsanto into every farming community in the world. Heritage farming is at risk and our small family farms suffer.
  • No one should own the right to seeds. This goes against all the laws of nature.
  • Monsanto genetically modified seeds are dangerous to the people using them and dangerous to the earth.
  • The use of Monsanto’s seeds requires massage amounts of pesticides (glyphosates) to be used and this chemical is totally destructive to the soil.
What Can You Do?
  • Vote with your dollars — buy organic and boycott Monsanto owned companies that use GMOs in their products.
  • Work to get labeling of GMOs so we know what we are eating and can make informed choices.
  • Support unbiased research into the long term health effects of GMOs.
  • Use social media to hold Monsanto executives and Monsanto supporting politicians accountable for their actions.
  • Become active on this issue. We need people from everywhere to write, boycott, teach others and never let this issue off the radar screen.
  • Join the March on May 25th! We need you there! We need to do something NOW to protect our children’s future on this earth!

March against Monsanto Facebook Page.


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