Recipe: The Easiest Way to Cook Winter Squash

Kabocha Squash, cook winter squash, butternut squash


  • 1 butternut or kabocha squash


  1. Place a piece of parchment paper in the bottom of the dish – this makes cleanup a snap!
  2. Place the whole squash in the pan and place in the oven
  3. Bake at 400º F for about one hour
  4. The kabocha squash cooks faster than the butternut – it usually need only 1 hour or it will get really dry
  5. When you can pierce it easily with a knife it is done and remove from oven
  6. Carefully cut open and let cool
  7. Remove seeds
  8. Scoop out the meat into a bowl or jars or use serve immediately
  9. You can add spices to it like cinnamon or nutmeg or pumpkin spices
  10. To store for other recipes simply put it into a jar and refrigerate – it may also be frozen but it gets watery so that is not the best thing to do unless you are using it for soup – best to eat and use within 5 days