Recipe: Strawberry Hibiscus Tea Frappe


Jun 03
Strawberry Hibiscus Tea Frappe, hibscus tea

Hibiscus flower tea is one of my favorites! It has a sweet/sour flavor that mixes well with fruits and berries. For the hot days of summer I like to try different iterations of hibiscus flower tea!

When I was growing up we used to go to an ice cream parlor called Jahn’s, in Brooklyn. You could get real soda fountain treats there and we went only on special occasions.

The drinks were called frappes.

I don’t know if that was short for frappechino. Sadly the only Jahn’s location left is in Jackson Heights Queens.

I hope it still has the same 1960’s style decorations!

Hibiscus flower tea has several cardiovascular health benefits. It has been used for centuries to lower and maintain blood pressure and has been found to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

It has also been used in combination with lemon balm to quell restlessness and insomnia.

Hibiscus flower tea served cold has a very refreshing quality. Adding in the strawberries, crushed ice and coconut cream makes it a special treat for a hot day!


Recipe: Strawberry Hibiscus Tea Frap

Strawberry Hibiscus Tea Frappe, hibscus tea
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 10 minutes




  1. Seep the tea bag in the hot water for 5 – 6 minutes
  2. Remove tea bag and add the honey and mix
  3. Taste it to be sure it is sweet enough for you
  4. Let cool
  5. Add the crushed ice, strawberries and coconut milk
  6. Blend with a stick blender
  7. Serve immediately with fruit garnish

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