Recipe: Spring Fritata


May 12

A fritata is slightly different from an omelette and perhaps a little more trendy. Fritata is from the italian word, fritta, the feminine past participle of the verb “to fry.” But it is way more than just fried eggs or even an omelette. This is the perfect fast food breakfast that can be made ahead and packaged for grabbing when on the run.

Even more versatile, a fritata can be a very quick dinner that is savory and filling. Paired with soup or salad, it is the perfect Paleo, GAPS, or SCD meal.

Do Not Be Afraid of Eggs

If you are making this wonderful meal, use pasture raised eggs so that you will get the most out of this nutritious meal. Do not listen to the ridiculous comments in the press recently about eggs containing TMAO which is associated with cardiac problems. It was a very poor study that published those conclusions. I’ll let Dr. Kaayla Daniel explain the science there.

If you are worried about cholesterol, that is another area where conventional advice is sorely off base. Here is an article that explains why you should love cholesterol — after all, your brain loves it.

If you would like to connect with a local farmer who raises hens on pasture, you might want to contact your local Weston Price Chapter.

Use the Correct Pan

A fritata needs to be cooked in a skillet that is also oven safe. That type of pan is handy to have as it can be used for many other dishes. I use my cast iron enamel coated pan for this and it works great — no sticking (especially when using bacon fat).

Spring Fritata

Spring Fritata 


·      6 – 8 slices of cooked bacon broken up into bite sized pieces (where to buy sugar-free bacon from grassfed cows)
·      10 – 12 pasture raised eggs
·      Medium onion diced
·      2 cups vegetables – I used my leftover wild ramps, and mushrooms but you could also use spinach, peppers, scallion, etc. chopped finely
·      Sea salt (1 tsp) (sea salt)
·      2 tablespoons coconut cream or coconut milk (optional) (coconut milk)
·      Fat for cooking — use the bacon grease from cooking the bacon


·      12” Fry pan that is oven safe (where to buy this one) or (where to buy this one)


1.     Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F
2.     Cook the bacon in the fry pan and set the bacon pieces aside, saving the fat
3.     Add the onion to the pan and sauté until soft
4.     Remove the onion and cook the other vegetables in the pan if they are raw or heat them up if they are cooked — if you are using mushrooms, saute them until soft and pour off any extra liquid
5.     Return the onion to the pan
6.     In a separate bowl crack the eggs, add the coconut milk if you are using and beat
7.     Add the eggs to the pan
8.     Sprinkle the bacon evenly around the pan
9.     Cook on top of the stove on medium until the sides start to set and are firm — about 5 – 6 minutes
10.  Place in the oven to finish cooking, about 10 minutes — until browned on top
11.   Remove the pan carefully with mitts as it is hot
12.   Slice into triangles and serve
13.   Left over pieces may be wrapped in wax paper and refrigerated for a day or two for an easy breakfast or snack

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Yield: 6 slices


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