30 Grain-Free Real Food Holiday Treats


Dec 10

I know you are all busy shopping, cooking and baking for the holidays! Here are 30 Grain Free Real Food Holiday Treats!With the high standards that real food eaters set for themselves and their families, there is added stress to try to keep the treats limited to real food treats.

I’m going to decrease your stress level by offering you this fantastic array of grain free, additive and refined sugar free holiday treats from bloggers around the world!

I would not characterize these as particularly nutrient dense, but for a treat, these recipes offer options made from much better ingredients than the high fructose corn syrup from GM corn and all the other nasties that go into commercial cookies and candies.

Of course these are treats for special occasions and should be offered as such.

I’ve asked some real food bloggers to contribute their very best grain free recipes for holiday treats. You are going to be amazed at the recipe line-up here! Many of them are quick and easy!

You can get many of the ingredients for these special treats right here.



Cakes, Pies and Puddings
Chocolate and Candy


Other Holiday Treats


Are you salivating yet? I think I gained two pounds just looking at these recipes! Which ones are you going to try? Leave a comment and let me know!

Chocolate Dipped FruitChocolate Dipped Fruit



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