Recipe: Raw Frozen Chocolate Crust Bites (GAPS, Paleo)


Jul 20

My raw chocolate crust is so tasty sometimes I just want to eat that and not the filling! My family members actually request that I make just the crust! Well, here it is – a quick and easy grain free, raw crust in a form that is way too easy to pop into your mouth!

These can be made into any shape – maybe flattened into a cookie shape, but I like a simple ball. Of course these can be coated as you would truffles, but that would make it a truffle. I like to keep to the original plan – the crust.

Raw Frozen Chocolate Crust Bites (GAPS, Paleo)




  1. Add all the dry ingredients together in the food processor and mix
  2. Add the honey, vanilla and while the processor is going drop in the ghee or butter
  3. Mix the gelatin and water in a separate small bowl – it will gel and then add it to the food processor immediately and mix – mix this just before using or it will get too hard
  4. The dough will form a ball and it is ready – it’s fine if it doesn’t exactly form a ball
  5. Taste the dough to make sure it is sweet enough for you – I tend to make things less sweet
  6. Remove the dough to a plate and form small balls with your hands
  7. Place on the parchment paper lined cookie sheet
  8. Place in freezer
  9. Serve cold
  10. Store in freezer safe container if there are any left

Tip: Double the recipe – you will be happy you did!

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Freezer time: 30 minutes
Yield: 15 balls

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