Recipe: Pumpkin Tart with Maple Cinnamon Crust (Paleo, SCD, GAPS)

pumpkin pie, grain free butternut squash tart

Savory seasonal pumpkin tart with crisp maple cinnamon crust. Make this GAPS legal by using honey instead of maple syrup.



Ingredients for Crust

Ingredients for Filling


Instructions for Crust

Instructions for Filling

Putting it all together

When the crust and the custard are cool you can fill the crust
Take the sides of the tart pan off before filling and place the tart on a flat serving plate
Fill the crust with the custard and smooth with an angled spatula
Refrigerate until ready to serve
Top with whipped coconut cream or other topping!


Tip: Remove the sides of the tart pan before filling. You can keep the bottom of the pan in place if you don’t need the pan for another tart right away. If you do need the pan, gently slip the entire tart onto a flat cake plate. This is best done when the tart is at room temperature.