Pulled Crock Pot Short Ribs with Butternut Gravy

SHort Ribs, Grassfed Meat



  1. On top of the stove, heat the fry pan to medium and gently brown all side of the short ribs – place the fat side down first
  2. You may have to do this in sections until all the meat is browned
  3. Hold the meat aside in a large bowl
  4. There should be plenty of fat in the pan — add all the vegetables except the garlic and saute until somewhat soft
  5. At the end, for a minute or two, add the garlic and let it warm up
  6. Place the meat and vegetables in the crock pot
  7. Add the beef stock, and the bay leaves and salt and pepper
  8. Make sure the meat is covered with liquid – if not, add some more stock or water
  9. Cover the crock pot and set for 12 hours on low (I do this overnight)
  10. When cooked, remove the meat and vegetables into separate bowls and pour the gravy into another bowl or jar
  11. Le the meat cool a little, but this is the best time to use two forks to pull the shreds of meat apart
  12. If you wait until the meat is cold it is much harder
  13. After you pull the meat apart keep it in the bowl (You might savae the bones for broth but you would have to add knuckle bones for more collagen)
  14. Refrigerate until the next day when you will remove all the fat that comes to the top (there may be some on the meat but it is mostly on the gravy)
  15. Instructions for the gravy
  16. Skim the fat off the top of the jar of gravy and pour the gravy into a pot
  17. Take about half the vegetables and put into the pot
  18. Using an immersion blender, blend the vegetables with the liquid gravy
  19. This will thicken the gravy without using any starches or flours and it tastes great
  20. Put the vegetables that you saved, back into the gravy
  21. You now have a thick and savory gravy with vegetable pieces (you may want to add salt to the gravy or at the table)
  22. When refrigerated, this gravy will gel due to all the collagen and gelatin in the bones and the meat