Recipe: Grilled Tuna with Lemon and Herbs


Jul 15

Once in a while I’ll have some tuna. I know, I know you’re thinking it has mercury and we shouldn’t eat it. Unfortunately, many fish carry mercury because of the toxic conditions in our oceans. However, sometimes I just have to have it. I think people can handle some mercury in small increments, especially if you are on a whole foods, traditional diet most of the time.  Good gut bacteria protect us from such things. Pacific Albacore tuna is sustainable — for once I’m politically correct!

This particular type of tuna is sustainably sourced and caught with a hook and line so that no other fish (like dolphins) are harmed. I like that. Albacore contains the highest concentrations of omega 3 fats in the tuna family. I like that too.

When Dr. Weston Price studied traditional cultures, he found that the peoples who ate seafood were the healthiest. I could eat seafood every day. To me it is such a treat. But we have to be careful to eat fish that is responsibly caught in order to protect our oceans and this fantastic food supply they provide.

That’s why I love companies that really practice sustainability, honesty and transparency in their endeavors. All of the companies on my resource page do this and I am proud to buy their products and support their efforts.

In this recipe the combination of tarragon and parsley add a fresh and interesting dimension to the grilled tuna. I am so happy I planted an herb garden this year. I just wish I had planted a wider variety of herbs and more of each. They are not growing as fast as I am cutting them down!

Grilled Tuna with Lemon and Herbs



  • Outdoor grill


  1. In a bowl mix together the olive oil, lemon juice, and fresh tarragon, parsley and salt
  2. Place the tuna steak in the bowl and coat it with the marinade
  3. Cover and refrigerate for several hours before cooking
  4. When ready to cook take the steak out of the bowl and remove the pieces of parsley and tarragon and these will burn on the grill
  5. Place the fish on a medium grill
  6. Grill for 4 – 5 minutes on one side and then turn and grill another 3 – 4 minutes
  7. Do not overcook the steak — it should be medium rare or pink inside or else it will be dried out
  8. When ready, plate and garnish with slices of tomato and lemon
  9. 1 pound will feed 2 – 3 people

You could also cook this tuna steak in a fry pan the same way — until just pink inside.

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