Recipe: Grain Free/Nut Free Granola (AIP Paleo, SCD,GAPS)


Dec 07
Grain Free/Nut Free Granola

How do you make granola without grains or nuts? This recipe comes out so crunchy that you think it is granola!

For those who cannot tolerate nuts or grains, this is a life saver!

I decided to cut down on my nut consumption.

Nuts are High In Phytic Acid

It was getting out of hand. I substituted nuts for the grains, but nuts are also high in phytates and lectins (although soaking and dehydrating nuts does remove some). This makes them difficult to digest and a food that should not be eaten at every meal.

We are so used to eating grain products throughout the day that it is difficult to find other things to eat. I started snacking on nuts years ago and they can be as addicting as breads. Some are very high in omega 6 fatty acids which can be inflammatory. They also add a lot of calories. Nuts should be respected as a very small part of the daily diet.

I had to find a way to cut my nut consumption drastically down.

Well, this recipe is one of the ways I can do that. This granola is naturally sweet from the fruits, but is balanced by the coconut.

I think you will love this recipe! This is a really healthy treat for your kids, especially this time of year when they can be overindulged with sugar candy!

Grain Free/Nut Free Granola (AIP Paleo, SCD,GAPS)




  1. In a food processor process the coconut until it is very fine and you see it collecting around the bottom
  2. Remove to a bowl and puree the apples
  3. Remove to a bowl and puree the bananas
  4. Add all back to the processor and add the cinnamon
  5. Process until well mixed
  6. Place a heaping spatula of the batter onto a dehydrator sheet (or cut parchment paper to fit)
  7. Using the angled spatula smooth until very thin and as even as you can get it
  8. It doesn’t have to be perfect as you will be breaking up the pieces anyway
  9. Use all the batter this way
  10. I used 7 of the 9 dryer sheets
  11. Dehydrate at 135º F for 4 – 6 hours or until you can break it

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Dryer Time: 4 – 6 hours





Recipe: Grain Free/Nut Free Granola (AIP Paleo, SCD,GAPS)

Eat to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

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