Real Foodie Holiday Gift Guide for 2017


Dec 06
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I try to give gifts that the person would love and appreciate. But the food activist in me also tries to give a gift that helps a person appreciate real food, home cooking and better health.

I often think that if I give a person the tool, they will be more inclined to make something at home. For instance, if I give something I use a lot and love, I can tell the recipient how I use it (and hope they ask for a recipe)!

Here is a list of lovely gift ideas for a chef like yourself and for your friends and family.

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Nourishing and Super Healthy Food

I love to give examples of some of the food products I really love! While it may seem kind of weird to give bottles of oil (for example), these are the highest quality foods that most folks really appreciate – especially if you explain to them what makes them so special!

Gift certificates are always welcome! Give gift certificates from superior companies like:

  • US Wellness Meats – sells quality grassfed meat products with fantastic quality and customer service. They also sell uncured sugar-free and nitrate-free bacon and franks as well as grassfed tallow.
  • Bos Creek – grassfed meats on a monthly plan.
  • Vital Choice Seafood – fantastic quality of frozen fish and the canned salmon is amazing.

A membership to Thrive Market would be an awesome gift that provides savings all year!

Nuts and products from Radiant Life would satisfy anyone wanting high quality products!

Snacks and broth from Wise Choice Market would be an awesome gift!

Collagen and gelatin powder from Perfect Supplements would also be terrific!

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen – This hydrolyzed product is from 100% grassfed cows and is a very high quality product.
  • Gelatin – This gelatin is made from 100% grassfed cows and is a very high quality product.

Fats and Oils are Like Fine Wines

Salt and Spices in a Basket

Some of their combination products also make great gifts in a gift basket or bag!

Personal Care Products Make Great Gifts

  • Beeyoutiful – fabulous skin, essential oils and haircare products – miracle salve is truly a miracle worker!
  • Bloom Naturals – fantastic skin care especially for acne and eczema. We have found that Bloom products work the best for these issues. Get 20% off your order!
  • Vintage Tradition – tallow skin balm – fantastic moisturizer and skin care balm.

I also use personal care product from Tropical Traditions. These are made from saponified coconut oil. You can eat these skin care products! If you have a friend or family member who wants to make the change to pure products, this is a good place to start!

Coconut products

Tropical Traditions:

What Would Holidays be Without Chocolate

Kitchen Equipment

Under $400.00

Under $249.00

Under $100.00

Under $50.00

Under $30.00



Check out the Grain Free Series from Dr. Jill Tieman!

DIY Organic Beauty — 50+ All-Natural, Toxin-Free Recipes That Really Work from Mommypotamus
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  • Make your own shampoo, conditioners, lotions and deodorant
  • Whiten your teeth naturally without harsh chemicals like coal tar, fluoride, aspartame, aluminum and benzene
  • Nourish yourself from the inside out for radiant skin, hair and nails
  • Use natural preservatives, make sure your skin and hair remain PH balanced, and formulate products that are safe for small children

Natural Cocktail E-Book from Our Nourishing Roots
Homemade alcoholic drinks for the real foodie, without dyes, artificial colors, or fake flavors. Shake up your favorite mixed drinks at home, from classic Martinis to contemporary Cosmopolitans.

What Can I Eat Now? 30 Days on the GAPS Introduction Diet from HealthHomeHappiness
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Grain Free Meal Plans Freezer Cooking Guide from HealthHomeHappiness
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Real Food Ingredient Guide from Kelly the Kitchen Kop
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Real Food Party Planning Guide from Kelly the Kitchen Kop
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